Research, Development & Extension

The University of Southern Mindanao is a research university, which is involved in different research, development and extension (RDE) engagements and activities. Research directions are geared towards the university themes and priority areas such as education and literacy; environmental protection and conservation; food security and poverty alleviation; health and proper nutrition; engineering and technology; preservation of arts, culture, language and literature; promotion of peace, gender equality and development; and halal. These are conducted in different colleges and research centers in the university.

The university is inclined to the development of products, technologies, innovations and discoveries of new ideas and information. This is facilitated through research engagements of faculty, full-time researchers and undergraduate/graduate students. The activity is geared towards providing products and services to the end-consumers and other stakeholders of the university from various fields.

Research and development outputs must be disseminated through extension. This is materialized through seminars, trainings, community engagements and various approaches. In addition, as part of its information dissemination, the university also promotes publication and patenting of research outputs and provides subsequent incentives.