• 2014-PresentFrancisco Gil N Garcia

    1. Massive promotions of the Faculty and Staff. 2. Fostered linkages with Funding Agencies for Scholarship Programs. Send off numerous Faculty & Staff for further studies. 3. Intensified linkages with Funding Agencies for Research and Extension. 4. Construction of the Broiler House. 5. Construction of the 3-storey Science and Technology Building. 6. INstalled the Campus Fiber Cabling System. 7. Pursued Accreditation of some programs of the university. 8. Undergone Level 4 accreditation visit, highest accreditation level, for the CA, CVM, Bio Department and Chem of CAS. 9. Acquired 1-unit brand new USM Hospital Ambulance. 10. Acquired 1 unit HILUX 4X2G DSL M/T 2.4 -X4 (PICK-UP) 11. Acquired 1 unit TOYOTA HIACE SUPER GRANDIA 1T 3.0L DSL A/T (VAN) 12. Acquired 1 unit HONDA MOTORCYCLE 13. Acquired 3 units MACHINERIES: RICE COMBINE, RICE TRANSPLANTER & RICE RAPER 14. NISSAN COMMUTER VAN for the USM KCC 15. Construction of the Isolation Room, USM Hospital. 16. Intensified Faculty Development programs, Post grad Studies 17. Implementation of the Senior High School Program (K-12) 18. Launched change of the calendar year from June into August as the Opening of classes for the first semester.
  • 2009-2013Jesús Antonio G Derije

    He continually upholds and carries high the torch of educational learning, research, extension, and production - to every nook and corner of the USM service area and even globally. He has strengthened partnership and linkages at the local and national scenes, sourced out funds for various research projects, upgraded program offerings, encouraged optimum utilization of resource generation and continual improvement and development of physical infrastructure of the University. He has also pursued giving of benefits and incentives to deserving employees of commendable service. 1. Construction of the 2-storey CHED DAF Project 2. Massive promotion of Faculty and Staff. 3. Construction of the ICTC. 4. Intensified linkages and partnerships. 5. Creation of the Office for Halal concerns.
  • 1994-2009Virgilio G Oliva

    He worked for the USM as center of excellence and made information technology as a flagship program. During his time, new academic programs were introduced and various academic programs accredited. 1. Ushered the university into the information age by the establishment of the Information Systems Committee and developing capabilities in this area. 2. Pursued the accreditation of many of the university’s programs. 3. Acquired the North Cotabato College of Arts and Trades, now USM-Kidapawan City. 4. Added the Institute of Animal Science and Aquaculture to the university’s program offerings. 5. Vigorously pursued production activities by implementing new income generating activities and setting the standard of sustainability on such projects, including academic units like the Graduate School. 6. Upgrade the laboratory facilities and equipment of USMARC through institutional development grants obtained from external sources. 7. Expanded the linkage of USM with R & D agencies. 8. DXVL Radio Station 9. Launched the Gender And Development (GAD) Program.
  • 1988-1994Kundo E Pahm

    He worked for the establishment of various infrastructures like the DD Clemente Building, the Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies, the Phil. Industrial Crops Research Institute (PICRI) and the Learning Resources Center, to mention some. 1. Operationalized the French government assistance and Philippine Rubber Testing Center and the Philippine Carabao Center. 2. Added the Institute of Development Economics Economics & Management and the Institute of Veterinary Medicine to the university’s program offerings. 3. Restructured the university organization to, among others, increase the number of vice-presidents from one to three. 4. Instituted the participatory style of management. 5. Completed several physical infrastructures: DD Clemente Hall, IMEAS, PICRI,Learning Resource Center, Veterinary Hospital, USM Buluan Academic building and Student Complex, Flood control dikes, University Laboratory School, ATEP, Administration building, ATEP Technology Packaging building, USM-PhilRice building, PICRI Road Improvement, Concreting of Pioneers’ Avenue. 6. Development projects started: concreting of circuit road in the main campus, peripheral concrete fencing in front of the campus, Regional Science Teaching Center (RSTC) building, site development of the 10-hectare Philippines Carabao Center and concreting of pathways connecting various academic buidlings (courtesy of the Student Government in cooperation with the USM Administration).
  • 1975-1988Jaman S Imlan

    He pushed for more linkages especially in research resulting in the establishment of the Southern Mindanao Agriculture Research Center (SMARC). He worked for the conversion of the Mindanao Institute of Technology into the University of Southern Mindanao. 1. Initiated the conversion of MIT into USM through Presidential Decree No. 1312 on March 13, 1978 issued by President Ferdinand E. Marcos as a State University. 2. In cooperation with the Department of Agriculture National Office, established the Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center (SMARC) & presided over the ensuing infrastructure development such as the following: Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute, Regional Training Center, Regional Soils Laboratory, the Central Mindanao Agriculture and Resources Research & Development Consortium, and the University Hospital. 3. Intensified faculty development through scholarships, particularly those awarded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research & Development. 4. Establishment of the Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies (IMEAS). 5. Organization & implementation of the first Graduate School Outreach Program dubbed as the Summer Institute for Teachers of Agriculture (SITA) in Jolo, Sulu in 1984-1987 (4 summers). 6. Annexing the Buluan (Maguindanao) Provincial High School to the MIT. 7. Establishment of the USM-Malibatuan in Arakan Valley and Chrislam Elementary School at Lumayong, Kabacan, North Cotabato for teacher training laboratory units. 8. Assisted the Western Mindanao State University in Zamboanga in the establishment of its College of Agriculture. 9. Strengthened & intensified research through the SMARC through establishment of linkages: PCARR, SEARCA,BFAR, BPI. 10. Implementation of the Agricultural Education Outreach Project(AEOP) in cooperation with the MECS with a USAID financial grant. 11. Continued the UNESCO extension program 12. Spearheading the project: BEAUTIFUL. 13. Constructed the 50-bed community-oriented USM Hospital, 3-unit boys’ dormitory, administration building 14. Launching of the Grant-in-Aid program for cultural community students 15. Expansion of agribusiness projects to provide more opportunities for working students from poor families. 16. Formalized the creation of the Graduate School.
  • 1958-1974Dominador D Clemente

    He was a staunch advocate of this philosophy: in agriculture education, production should go hand in hand with instruction. He pushed for the establishment of more agribusiness projects. He established external linkages. 1. Established the College of Agriculture; Arts & Sciences; Education; Engineering; Home Economics and Trades & Industries. 2. Increased buildings & facilities. 3. Implemented production projects to augment institute income. 4. Made faculty development the institute’s centerpiece program. 5. MIT Arakan Valley Agricultural School (AVAS): 1st satellite school. Later, it was converted into NFE/Training Center.
  • 1954-1958Emeterio A Asinas

    Being the founding president, he led the pioneering development work of the USM (formerly called Mindanao Institute of Technology) campus which included the construction of faculty cottages, an academic building, a cooperative store, a canteen, a vocational-agriculture building, a farm machinery shed, a shop, a granary, to mention some. 1. Ably presided over the birth of the new institute (a State school). 2. Constructed the initial appropriate infrastructures of the institute. 3. Through Bai Matabai Plang, acquired for the institute a 7, 200-hectare area in Arakan Valley by virtue of Proclamation No. 428 signed by President Carlos P. Garcia.


Perico Y Arcedo
Amando O Austria
Jan - Aug 1975
Eduardo A Araral
Teresita L Cambel
Feb 16 - June 13, 2013
Christopher B Cabelin
Jun 14, 2013 - Feb 13,2014