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FA Association

Review Center


The University of Southern Mindanao Review Center envisions excellent performance of graduates in professional and Civil Service Examinations thereby strengthening their competitiveness and qualifications for employment and practice of their career.


The University of Southern Mindanao Review Center seeks to enhance the skills of graduates through professional review in Central Mindanao and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in their preparations for licensure and other qualifying exams.

Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Programme has been designed for capacity enhancement of selected universities. The purpose of the FDP is to encourage and reward existing faculty for developing their teaching skills in key areas of their expertise. It caters to enhance the education level and encourage the young non-PhD faculty members so that they can contribute in nation building with their technical and professional enhanced knowledge. It will also bring opportunities to develop research projects and simultaneously build capacity in the education system of both the partner countries.

The program provides an opportunity of learning abroad for research and development as non-PhD faculty members of selected universities to pursue their PhD degree abroad. The Programme offers PhD scholarships in specific disciplines for each participating university.

Board of Directors

  • PRESIDENT: Jonald L. Pimentel
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Maricar U. Juaneza
  • SECRETARY: Ardniel A. Baladjay
  • TREASURER: Mitzi Aileen M. Alba
  • AUDITOR: Jay-R G. Vildac
  • BUS. MANAGER: Norge D. Martinez
  • PIO: Jovelyn F. Gesulga
  • CEIT REP: Engr. Bernadeth Dapun
  • ULS REP: Watarie E. Manto
  • CA REP: Baser Mamalac
  • USM KCC REP: John Mar Ibarra
  • USM KCC REP: Gonzales Magno Jr.
  • IMEAS REP: Norjaida Mamaliga
  • CA REP: Joseph Castillo
  • CSM REP: Marivic Candari
  • CSM REP: Lothy Casim
  • CBDEM REP: Sandra Angela Bangcaya
  • CVM REP: Lilian Lumbao
  • CASS REP: Vicente Delos Reyes
  • ISPEAR REP: Priscilla Dagoc
  • CHEFS REP: Shirl Mae Bebit
  • CED REP: Girlie Batapa
  • USM PALMA REP: Leo Gayao
  • USM BULUAN REP: Merlyn Musali
  • CMAHS REP: Thaddeus Averilla, MD
  • CTI REP: Joel Misanes