Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation

Producing quality graduates, management of different University activities and extending services to other stakeholders was best achieved by the Institute of Sports Physical Education and Recreation throughout the years. These are all carried out by the committed, passionate and highly competent faculty members and staff of the department.

Historically, the Sports, Physical Education and Recreation Center (SPERC) which was created in January 1985 was eventually leveled up to become the Institute of Sports, Physical Education (ISPEAR) by virtue of Board Resolution No. 12 s. 1992 as approved by the Board of Regents on December 10, 1992. Through the leadership and management skills of the following deans and directors, the SPERC/ISPEAR developed to what it is today. Prof. Ireneo Sevilla, Prof. Genovevo Yuag (1985 – 1992), Prof. Attila Manero 1992-1994, Prof. Flora M. Garcia 1994-1999, 2000-2007, 2010-2014 Prof. Marcelo N. Yagong 1999-2000, Prof. Priscilla P. Dagoc 2009-2010, Dr. Norge D. Martinez 2016 – 2018, Prof. Judy L. Garcia 2007-2009, 2014-2016, 2018 to present.

With its ardent desire to offer its own baccalaureate degree programs, the Bachelor in Physical Education majors in School Physical Education (BPE-SPE) and Sports and Wellness Management (BPE-SWM) were officially offered in June 2012 by virtue of CMO 23 Series of 2011. However, through CHED Memorandum Order 80 S 2017, the BPE-SPE was then shifted into Bachelor of Physical Education, while BPE-SWM is converted into Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences.  ISPEAR also managed/handled the service physical education classes of the different programs offered in the University.

The Bachelor of Physical Education program continued to soar high by passing the Level 1 accreditation conducted by the AACCUP and LET result of 93.33% (42/45). Presently, the program has a total of 253 enrollees.


The ISPEAR envisions to be the Center of Excellence in the areas of sports, physical education, recreation and dance to its clientele for the full development of their physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects through wholesome, healthy and beneficial activities in their chosen career or professions.


The ISPEAR shall provide relevant quality programs in the areas of sports, Physical education, recreation and dance towards its clientele for the development of their physical, social, mental and emotional aspects for a healthy and responsible citizenry.


  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Service Physical Education
  • University Socio-Cultural Affairs Office
  • University Sports Development Program


To maximize holistic development of a person with emphasis on physical wellness to become healthy and productive individuals.



The ISPEAR functions with the following objectives:

  1. Plan and implement:
    1. professional programs for physical educators, sports coaches, recreation leaders and dancers;
    2. food Technology
    3. an integrated physical, sports and recreation programs; and
    4. sports development programs of the university.
  2. promote and preserve the Philippine Indigenous games, sports, music and dances;
  3. conduct researches in physical education, sports, recreation, cultural dances and music; and
  4. provide technical expertise to educational institutions, sports and recreation associations, and other agencies needing assistance in the promotion of physical education, sports, recreation, music and dance.
Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Fitness and Sports Coaching
  • Fitness and Sports Management