Libungan and Alamada Campuses

``Bringing Hope``


The USM-Libungan Campus and the USM-Alamada Campuses are a product of a three-year untiring and persistent negotiation and prayer of the incumbent Libungan mayor, Hon. Cristopher A. Cuan, for the former and Hon. Noemia D. Bartolome (former Alamada mayor), for the latter with the president of the University of Southern Mindanao, Dr. Francisco Gil N. Garcia. Pres. Garcia then tasked a team to study its possibility and feasibility.

Tasked were Dr. Eimer Estilloso and Prof. Margie B. Galang who started the legwork – discussed the terms and conditions with the leaders and stakeholders of the two LGUs. The process was arduous, tedious and fraught with challenges and strife, but the noble intention of both leaders and the University President came into fruition after years of labor.

As agreed, the LGUs had to provide the classrooms, other facilities and personnel, particularly a staff, a utility, and a librarian at the start of the operation. On the other hand, USM had to provide all the necessary faculty who would come from the USM Main Campus.

The birth of the USM-Libungan Campus and USM-Alamada Campus was made official with the issuance of USM BOR Resolution No. 49 series of 2019 through Referendum No. 12 s 2019 granting authority to the USM President to open satellite campuses in the Municipality of Libungan and Alamada, Province of North Cotabato.

The existence of both campuses was made more binding with the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement with the two LGUs. The USM-AC MOA was signed on ____, 2019 at the Sky Room, USM Admin Building with Hon. Noemia Bartolome and her party and the USM President and key officials as witnesses.

The MOA between USM and Libungan LGU was signed on August 1, 2019 during the Opening of the Libungan week-long Founding Anniversary celebration. With Pres. Francisco Gil N. Garcia was Engr. Ronald Levita, CHED RO XII Director who was very supportive of the program and other USM key officials who witnessed the MOA Signing.

Alamada Campus

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
Practical Agriculture (BPA)

Libungan Campus

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in English
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Enrolment at USM-LC was 138 in the first semester and 124 in the second semester where 75% were female and 25% were male; while at USM-AC, 94 in the first semester was the total number of enrollees where 29% were male and 71% were female. As viewed in the Tables, there was a drop in enrolment in both campuses. Four of USM-LC BSEd students transferred to the BEEd program at USM-AC. Other reasons for dropping of students were family, illness of loved ones and financial problems. Some had to find jobs and two students joined the military.

One section per course was opened except for BSBA where two sections were opened due to the surge of enrollees. Enrolment was automated facilitated by Mr. Eugene Ranjo, Mr. John Galas, Mr. Mario Rentuaya of the USM ICTC department. Interviews were conducted by Profs. Jacinta T. Pueyo, Nora B. Bolences, Ashley C. Ortiz, Margie Galang, Marichu Calixtro. Pres. Francisco Garcia and Mayor “Amping Cuan also actively engaged themselves in the enrolment process.

Alamada - SY 2019 - 2020

Libungan - SY 2019 - 2020

Facilitating learning in the two campuses are senior faculty from the main campus. They are faculty on wheels because they cover the two campuses, where one is about 40 kms. away either taking a car, a “payong,” a single motorcycle, or whatever is available for them. Designated as Campus Head is Dr. Jacinta T. Pueyo, currently University GAD Director as well. She belongs to the CAS and teaches major in English and Literature courses.  Prof. Nora B. Bolences of the DELL, CAS teaches basic and major in English and literature courses on full time at both campuses. Prof. Marichu Calixtro of the ISPEAR teaches three days in both campuses and one day at USM Main Campus.  A young faculty joins the pool on temporary-permanent status is Ms. Ashley C. Ortiz, BSEd-Math, who teaches in both campuses. Mr. Regie C. Marfil, on COS status, is part of the team as well. Prof. Leo Gayao is full time at USM-Alamada Campus who takes care of the BPA Program.

Augmenting the pool during the first semester was Dr. Geoffray R. Atok, a CA faculty, who taught Animal Production for the BPA and Dr. Lawrence Anthony U. Dollente, Board Secretary, who taught one major English subject and Dr. Irving Pajarito who taught Prof Ed courses in the USM-LC Campus. Dr. Radjie Macatabon also taught Filipino in the BSEd Program.

For the second semester, adding the pool are part-timers, namely: Mr. John Cristopher Seguino who teaches two Accounting subjects in the BSBA program and Engr. Mavil Gia Perez who teaches Farm Mechanics for BPA students.

In addition, Dr. Donnie M. Tulud of the DELL-CAS teaches one major in English subject.