Extension is one of the four-fold functions of the University of Southern Mindanao. Along with research and agro-industrial production, extension is supportive of the University’s main function of instruction.


A developed and progressive Mindanao resulting from a good mix of trained manpower, updated and modern technologies, sufficient financial support and quality education of development key players and service providers.


Facilitate transfer of applicable packages of technology and dissemination of useful information generated, developed and adopted by the University with the end view of enhancing the development and acceleration of growth in terms of per capita income and socio-economic well-being of the clientele, most especially, the less fortunate and underprivileged populace of the University’s service regions.


The University of Southern Mindanao aims to make available its technical assets, capabilities and expertise to its service area where these are needed, useful and relevant.


Guided by its vision, mission and goal, the USM-Extension Center shall pursue the following objectives:

  1. To inter-relate functions of USM Extension with the goals and objectives of the various POs, GOs and NGOs;
  2. To serve as catalyst of development through the conduct of needed and relevant seminars, workshops, training, fora, etc;
  3. To enhance development through proper and timely orchestration of indigenous and new resources:
  4. To devote, focus and concentrate limited resources to the less fortunate and underprivileged citizens of the depressed areas within its services area;
  5. To provide specialist to serve as consultants, advisers and other similar functions for various development projects and training as needed; and
  6. To bring and translate the message of wholesome development to places within its service area regardless of distance, terrain another adverse conditions as long as the University’s technical assets, capabilities and expertise are needed, useful and relevant.


Mary Joy Cañolas

ESO Director

Oscar B. Organas

ESO Clerk

Analyn A. Gonzales

CBDEM-Extension Coordinator

AP Warren A. Adamat

CVM-Extension Coordinator

Ardniel A. Baladjay

CA-Extension Coordinator

Cherie C. Mangaoang

CSM-Extension Coordinator

Ellen Joy M. Farala

CED-Extension Coordinator

Florie Jane Tamon

GS-Extension Coordinator

Glyn G. Magbanua

CASS-Extension Coordinator

Rene Cabahug

CTI-Extension Coordinator

Jza Taposok

CHS-Extension Coordinator

Marlene Ofrecio

ISPEAR-Extension Coordinator

Shirl Mae Bebit

CHEFS-Extension Coordinator

Information, Education and Communication Materials Developed

The University Extension Services Center as an outreach function of the University, is guided in its operation by the following philosophical considerations:

  1. Extension is a university-wide function with each academic unit expected to undertake extension activities along its subject matter areas of concern and expertise in cooperation and coordination with the other units of the University.
  2. Communicates research results and useful information to end-users indirectly through extension agencies or change agents.
  3. The University Extension Program is carried out by designated extension coordinators of the various colleges/units under the over¬all management of the Office of the Director for Extension.
  4. The University Extension is closely linked with instruction, research and production in ways that each mutually complements and supplements with one another.
  5. The undertaking of action research projects in cooperation with other agencies in order to try and validate extension approaches and strategies is an integral part of the University Extension Services Center.

The USM Extension Service Center is guided by the following principles:

  1. Extension activities are essentially non-formal and carried out on the clienteles’ farms, homes and barangays.
  2. Extension links and networks with other organizations such as GOs, NGOs and POs.
  3. Extension diffuses information to the development partners and vice-versa.
  4. Extension works with heterogeneous clients and partners.
  5. Extension works with the people and with what they have.
  6. Extension work involves all the people in problem identification, organization, program planning, decision making, program execution/implementation and evaluation of extension activities.

THE USM Extension Service Thrusts

The USM Extension service is essentially geared towards human resource development resulting in physical, socio-cultural, economic and political well being. Contributing to this end are the following programs with flexibility relative to strategies and implementation:

  1. Training. These are non-credit training programs conducted in or off campus to provide participants with technical and practical competence in various fields of human endeavor. The clients are provided with skills for employment and for increasing efficiency in their farm business. Capabilities of personnel from development agencies are upgraded and enhanced. For unemployed and underemployed, they are taught certain skills or trade useful for employment or self-employment.
  2. Information/Communication.This pertains to the dissemination of research findings for adoption and application for better living. It is carried out through bulletins, journals, manuals, leaflets, circulars, feature articles, and press releases or through a team of specialists called the USM Technical Mobile Team.
  3. Demonstration/Action Program.This is in effect teaching by example. Result and method demonstration projects shall be conducted and established in strategic places of the service areas or out USM by each college/unit as means of effecting changes among the clientele.
  4. Farm and Business Advisory/Technical Assistance.This program is aimed at making available the services and or expertise the members of the University faculty and staff to the clientele. Activities, such as, direct consultation, technical/farm advisory, facilitation, monitoring, evaluation, advocacy and introduction of innovations are included in this program.
  5. Research and Extension Linkages.The USM Extension Services Center is concerned with increasing agro-industrial productivity and profitability, developing human potential, improving nutrition and health, generating self-help program, enhancing economic development, strengthening environmental sensitivity with linkages and support agencies.

THE USM Extension Service Table of Organization

University of Southern Mindanao – Extension Services Office Extension Projects

Year 2022

“Laro Mo, Sagot Ko” A Sports Management Skill Development Project (ISPEAR)
Ms. Cheeze R. Janito, Dr. Moreno B. Java Jr., Desiree Tenebroso
Res. Fund 01 – Php 50,000.00
Ext. Fund 01 – Php 12,000.00
Ext. Fund 05 – Php 54,400.00

BIO-NIHAN PARA SA KALIKASAN: Promoting Holistic Biodiversity Conservation through Community Partnership 2022
Cherie Cano- Mangaoang, Bryan Lloyd Bretana, Cromwel Jomao-as, Florence Roy Salvana
Res. Fund 01 – Php 70,000.00
Ext. Fund 01 – Php 18,000.00

COMMUNITY-BASED DEVELOPMENT and ECONOMIC MAINSTREAMING (CBDEM) on Promotion of Halal Kagikit for Certification 2022
Lian D. Bagonoc, Jeannie U. Duka, Analyn A. Gonzales, Jay-r G. Vildac
Ext. Fund 01 – Php 37,000.00
Ext. Fund 05 – Php 81,600.00

CTI Capacity Building for Barangay Pisan Pinning Intellectual Skills and New-Tech (PISan)
Samsun C. Rapusa, JP E. Fortinez, George Q. Neyral
Ext. Fund – Php 60,000.00
Agency Counterpart – Php 30,000.00

Development of Community Based Tourism in Kabacan, Cotabato (CHEFS)
Meldred F. Samblaceno, Roysell Angelo Piosca, Urduja Nacar
GAD Fund – Php 40,000.00
Ext. Fund 101 – Php 15,000.00

Development of Video Material on Organic Production of Indigenous Vegetables for Dissemination (CA)
Tamie C. Solpot, Gelyn V. Amilbahar, Josephine R. Migalbin
Res. Fund 01 – Php 80,000.00
Ext. Fund 01 – Php 10,000.00
Ext. Fund 05 – Php 10,000.00

Diffusion and Adoption of Gourakas Technology CA 2022
Leonila V. Papalid
Res. Fund 01 – Php 80,000.00

JuanFood Enabling Rural Families through Home and Community Garden in Support for Household Livelihood in Barangay Dagupan 2022
Mary Rodelyn A. Cariaga, Romiel John P. Basan, Metche Anne C. Logronio
Res. Fund 01 – Php 70,000.00
Ext. Fund 01 – Php 15,000.00

Inpograp Ng Mga Inpormasyon Hinggil sa Omicron Variant Para Maiwasan ang Pagkalat ng COVID-19 at ang Benepisyo ng Pagbabakuna Isang Teknikal na Pagsasalin
Radji A. Macatabon, Normie G. Pabinal
Res. Fund 01 – Php 50,000.00
Ext. Fund 01 – Php 45,000.00

University of Southern Mindanao – Extension Services Office Linkages

Year 2022

  • LGU Columbio
  • LGU Magpet
  • LGU Antipas
  • LGU Tulunan
  • LGU Aleosan
  • LGU Makilala
  • PNP Makilala
  • PNP Matalam
  • LGU Matalam
  • Manna’s Farmers’ Cooperative, Inas Mlang, Cotabato
  • Aleosan Cacao Farmers Association (ACFA)
  • Tulunan Cacao Growers Association (TuCGA)
  • Municipality of Antipas Kacao Growers Association, Incorporated (MAKGAI)
  • Agricultural Training Institute – Regional Training Center XII
  • Kidapawan City LGU
  • Kabacan LGU