USM Publishes Fourth Volume of JARDET

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December 13, 2022
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December 21, 2022

The Journal of Agricultural Research, Development, Extension and Technology (JARDET;, formerly the USM R& D Journal, is a peer-reviewed scientific publication of the University of Southern Mindanao (USM). It is an annual, peer-reviewed journal in English that publishes reports of original research in agriculture and its allied fields including but not limited to animal science and aquaculture, agriculture-related social research, business, economics and management, education, engineering and computing, human ecology, food sciences, and veterinary and health sciences.

Now on its fourth volume, JARDET features five articles contributed by authors from the Philippines and abroad. The first article, “Grape (Vitis vinefera L.) propagation using different types of cuttings and root-initiating substances,” showed that hardwood grapevine cuttings with three or four buds and the application of NAA, coconut water or apple cider vinegar as root-initiating substances yielded better survivability and growth parameters among all treatments considered. The second article, “Efficacy of Aktrine 4.6 SL (matrine) for the control of major insect pests of rice” demonstrated the extent to which the advertised insecticide Aktrine 4.6 SL controlled damage from rice black bug, rice bug, and stem borer populations. The third article, “Analysis of information needs of beekepers in Oyo State, Nigeria,” recommended aspects of beekeeping management knowledge and practices that can be integrated in organized training and dissemination campaigns. The fourth article, “Vulnerability analysis of rice value chain actors to climate variability in Benue State, Nigeria,” showed that among all rice value chain actors investigated, rice producers were most vulnerable to climate variability, and that their vulnerability was largely influenced by their very high vulnerability to exposure. The final article, “Unravelling student gains in agricultural practical skills from experiential learning approach of the student-to-farmer university outreach in Northern Uganda,” analyzed the knowledge gained from a university student-outreach program where learners have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical situations under the guidance of mentors.

All these five articles underwent a rigorous process of blind peer review. The reviewers were invited based on their knowledge of the area of specialization of each manuscript. The JARDET Editorial Team appreciates the efforts of the 20 reviewers (10 from the Philippines and 10 abroad) in 2022. Their dedication as a reviewer is indeed important in upholding the quality and academic integrity of scientific research.

JARDET is managed by the University Research Publication Services Office (RPSO).