Turnover ceremony for the Vice President for Research, Development and Extension

Cabasan and Atok sit as new VPs of USM
March 15, 2022
USM dormitory accepts student-transients
March 25, 2022

Outgoing VPRDE: Dr. Edward A. Barlaan

Incoming VPRDE: Dr. Ma. Teodora N. Cabasan

During the ceremony, Dr. Barlaan shared the accomplishments during his term. These include increased research engagements and outputs through publications and intellectual property, the establishment of new research centers, the strengthening of linkages with external agencies, the approval of new resolutions, the updating of the RDE website, and more efficient monitoring of RDE activities and processes through the indexing and procurement systems. He also issued some challenges as a guide towards future directions in RDE. We wish Dr. Barlaan all the best, and look forward to continue working with him. Congratulations to Dr. Cabasan and we thank her for accepting the responsibility of leading USM in research, development and extension.

Source: USM Research, Development and Extension