ISPEAR conducts first international webinar

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September 8, 2020
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October 14, 2020

With over 400 registered participants from ten countries, the first-ever international webinar via Zoom sponsored by the Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation (ISPEAR) of University of Southern Mindanao in partnership with the International Federation of Physical Education, Fitness, and Sports Science Association (IFPEFSSA) based in India was successfully held on October 7-8, 2020.

IFPEFSSA is a registered non-profit organization founded in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India in 2016. With the purpose of promoting sports science and research with special attention to physical education, sports science, and fitness, IFPEFSSA aims to establish link and partnership with institutions and organizations at the international level and promote the research in the areas of physical education and sports science in organizing conferences, webinars, and publishing resources and literature.

The President of IFPEFSSA Prof. Rajesh Kumar expressed his gratitude to ISPEAR for organizing the webinar and addressing the needs of the educators and students of physical education and sports science during this new normal. Prof. Kumar works as a professor in the Department of Physical Education at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.

“This partnership came about as an answer to our desire to further update and equip ourselves with the latest trends in physical education and sports education”, said ISPEAR Dean Dr. Judy Garcia. “We thank Dr. Kumar and IFPEFSSA for providing us with speakers to help us prepare for a better normal.”

The free webinar designed to provide a virtual venue to give direction to physical educators, fitness and sports scientists, curriculum developers, trainers, coaches, and sports directors to enhance their knowledge and be updated with the trends in the areas of research, physical education, and sports science saw a virtual gathering of over 400 participants from the Philippines, India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Jordan, UAE, and Singapore.

“Through this webinar, we were able to discuss relevant topics for continuous education and learn how other institutions enrich physical education classes amidst this pandemic,” expressed Mr. Jomar Esto, a faculty member of ISPEAR.

Six eminent resource persons were invited to speak on a number of topics. The international speakers included Dr. K. Chandrashekharan of Maduray Kamaraj University, India who spoke on “Yoga: Combating Mental Health Crisis”. Prof. Syed Ibrahim of King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia gave his insights on “Global Trends in Sports, Physical Education, and Fitness”. Ms. Sanjana Kiran, a senior sports psychologist from Singapore, shared her insights on “Psychological Safety in Sports”. Meanwhile, three experts from different schools in the Philippines were among the keynote speakers. Dr. Ma. Rosita Hernani of Cebu Normal University, Philippines shed light on “Research Trends and Opportunities in Physical Education under the New Normal”. Dr. Lordino Vergara, vice president for relations and advancement of Philippine Normal University discussed “Curriculum Contextualization in the New Normal Mode of Instruction in Physical Education”. Prof. Henry C. Daut, faculty of Mindanao State University and consultant of Philippine Sports Commission, shared his tips on “Sports and Physical Activity Management in the New Normal”.

Dr. Eimer Estilloso, USM vice president for administration and finance, who delivered his message during the webinar on behalf of the USM President Dr. Francisco Gil Garcia congratulated the ISPEAR dean and faculty members for spearheading this initiative. ISPEAR assured all faculty, students, and practitioners in the field that more free international webinars would be conducted by the institute in the coming days.