40 Years and Growing: From MIT Clinic to USM Hospital

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April 11, 2019
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April 16, 2019

What was once just a clinic of Mindanao Institute of Technology (MIT) now evolved into a Level 1 Hospital of University of Southern Mindanao (USM). For forty years, the USM Hospital has been serving not only the students, employees, and their dependents but patients from different municipalities in the province.

In its early years, the MIT Clinic catered only to the health needs of students on a limited outpatient basis until it evolved into a University Hospital on February 13, 1979 with Dr. Hernando C. Garcia as the Medical Director.

In 2007, the hospital increased its bed capacity from 30 to 100 beds through a subsidized loan of 21 million. In 2010, it became a 60-bed capacity hospital after being accredited by Department of Health (DOH) and PhilHealth.

At present, forty years later, the USM Hospital is accredited by DOH and by PhilHealth as “Center for Safety” with a 70-bed capacity. It is a self-liquidating facility of University of Southern Mindanao under the office of the Vice President for Resource Generation and Entrepreneurial Services and with direct supervision of the University President.

The USM Hospital is manned by six medical doctors competent in four different specializations, namely: 1) medicine, 2) obstetrics and gynecology, 3) pediatrics, and 4) surgery. Headed by its Medical Director Dr. Deodatu Garcia, the hospital has two permanent doctors: Dr. Gerardo Estillore and Dr. Jordan Berguia and three part time doctors: Dr. Liza Mariposque, Dr. Malou Ermac, and Dr. Leo Paolo Lebiano.

The University Hospital has 123 trained personnel and support staff ready to address the basic medical and other hospital needs of patients.

Guided by its vision to provide “high quality health care delivery system” and mission of “strategic upgrading and development of personnel and facilities,” the University Hospital has the following goals: a) quality care provided a service-oriented and cost-effective manner; b) teamwork and an interdisciplinary approach to process improvement and; c) participation of staff in all aspects of performance improvement.

Currently, the USM Hospital has undergone some renovations. The expansion to include a Renal Dialysis Unit has started to provide haemodialysis treatment for patients with chronic kidney disease.

Two more medical doctors with specializations in paediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology are set to join the USM Hospital workforce.

USM also allotted more than 7 million for the construction of the University Health Services Building which already started in March 2018.