Undergraduate Thesis Templates and Forms are Now Available

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September 12, 2022
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September 13, 2022

Undergraduate Thesis Templates and Forms

To ensure that students get the correct forms, students are urged to download the forms directly from the USM website. Please download to ensure you have the correct templates.

Visit the USM Research, Development and Extension website (https://www.usm.edu.ph) and click Undergraduate Students to see the forms. Alternatively, click this link for direct access to the forms: https://www.usm.edu.ph/rde-link-center/#1651080711092-8fc335d6-8aae. When you visit the site, you will see some guides (Research Process Flow and Guide to APA Style), templates of undergraduate outlines and final manuscripts (in English and Filipino language), and other forms you might need (such as Routing Slip).

Once you access the site, please download the forms. You are not allowed to edit on the form, to ensure that students do not accidentally change the template. Instead, please download first before editing.