January 29, 2023
Dr.Cañolas and Dr. Crispolon Share Research Findings in Colloquium
January 31, 2023


  • Review the Faculty Competency Framework. Know your weak points. Strategize how you can enhance your competencies through your ILDP.
  • Why not take free online microlearning courses such as Coursera, EdX, etc?
  • Join SINTIDO or ASSIST. Responses and logins are analyzed to produce points needed for promotion.


  • Do extra mile.
  • Be productive and consistent with your tasks each week. It is expected that higher SG requires more tasks.
  • Serve your clients well. Client satisfaction is already part of the point system.
  • Collaborate with peers.
  • Volunteer in committees and social activities. 
  • Use your paid vacation leaves or teacher leave credits. Work-life balance is valued under the new point system.


  • Take initiative and assume responsibility.
  • Develop and introduce new systems/ processes.
  • Achieve your target L&Ds
  • Achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Lead a group or a committee.
  • Strive for autonomy. Be unique in your outputs.


  • Ask your supervisor what IPCR success indicators directly contribute to organizational outcomes, SUC levelling, QS Rankings, PQA, Accreditation, etc. Put these as your targets as well.
  • Examine the OPCR of your supervisor, volunteer to perform the least subscribed OPCR success indicator.
  • Subscribe to a number of success indicators corresponding to your salary grade or load displacement.
  • Align yourself to any career pathway. Perform according to the PROFESS and ELIST standards.


  • Record your specific activities in the EDTR. Record your activities with DYCAS, PROFESS, or ELIST points in mind.
  • Narrate your STAR in the learning journal
  • Be prompt in submitting your IPCR.
  • Be prompt in submitting your training effectiveness, post training evaluation, PDS, and other HR docs.
  • Engage in SINTIDO or ASSIST to know more about STAR, DYCAS, PROFESS, and ELIST.