Proposal for a Science Peer-reviewed Journal at the University of Southern Mindanao

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May 15, 2022
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May 17, 2022

THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MINDANAO (USM) aims to become a premier research institution. Currently, USM has only one peer-reviewed journal (JARDET), which is focused on agriculture and agricultural extension. There is a need for a broader and more inclusive science journal. The goal of the Studies in Natural and Applied Sciences is to create a venue for scientific exchange through publication of scientific findings and for USM to position itself in the scientific community by promoting a sound scientific platform. 

SNAPS aims to be one of the emerging science journals in the Philippines and to reach internationalization by publishing quality works of authors within the country and from abroad. To ensure the balanced and quality of works, SNAPS will follow a journal and publishing model that is transparent, inclusive, diverse, and collaborative. The target is to have 50% of the editorial board to be composed of external and international scientists and experts and to publish 20% of the papers from international authors and academics. Eventually, the aim is to index SNAPS in the Directory of Open-Access Journal (DOAJ), Google Scholar, Web of Science, ASEAN Scopus, and other indexing systems. 

More updates on the SNAPS journal will be made available in the University of Southern Mindanao Research, Development and Extension website.