Dr. Crispolon Discovers 1 Genus and 5 Species; Receives Award

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Dr. Crispolon receives award for his outstanding work in insect systematics

The Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. honored Dr. Elorde S. Crispolon, Jr. for his outstanding contribution in the field of insect entomology. Dr. Crispolon is a faculty member of the College of Agriculture, and a graduate of the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) or National Musuem of Natural History, Paris France.

The award was granted in recognition on Dr. Crispolon’s publication entitled, “New genus and new species of spittlebugs (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) from the Philippines,” which was published in the European Journal of Taxonomy, a journal published and funded by a consortium of natural history institutions (NHIs) in Europe. The publication identified five new species, three of which belong to the newly described genus Trigonoschema, namely: T. manoborum, T. negrosensis, and T. rubercella. The other two species are Mioscarta nubisa, and M. translucida. To support the claim that Trigonoschema is a new genus, the authors of the paper performed phylogenetic molecular analysis to demonstrate the differentiation between genus Trigonoschema from other genera.

For his work, the Philippine Association of Entolomlogists, Inc. awarded Dr. Crispolon the Stephen G. Reyes Memorial Award for Insect Systematics. According to the organization’s website, the award is open to all students working in the field of insect systematics and is given to the one who has produced the best publication in this field, as evaluated by a panel of five independent voting members.