Chemist - Oct 2021

Chemical Technician - Oct 2021

Fisheries Technologist - Oct 2021

Master Electrician - 2021

Electrical Engineer


Feb 2021 – USM is one of the 9 out of 23 higher learning institutions (HEIs) offering Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to surpass the national passing rate. Moreover, it is the top three HEI with the highest passing percentage.

2018 – College of Veterinary Medicine recording a passing rate of 42.86% which makes USM the top 12 out of 23 performing vet schools in the country. Meanwhile, the passing rate for first-time takers was 66.67% making it the 8th highest score in this year’s VMLE.

Mechanical Engineering

Let Passers - December 2018

Leading the list are Top 2 Ashley Coleen S. Ortiz, BSE Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) with 92.60%, Top 7 Genemar F. Cimafranca, BSE Filipino (Cum Laude) with 91.60%, and Top 7 Wrendell C. Juntilla, BSE Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) with 91.60%.

Civil Engineering - November 2018

Nutritionist-Dietitians August 2018

Out of 53 schools nationwide, USM ranked 16th.

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers - August 2018

This year’s rating makes USM the top 18 best performing school out of 61 schools nationwide.

LET Passers (USM-KCC)

Registered Master Electrician (USM-KCC)