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University of Southern Mindanao (USM) has innovative technologies to enhance student learning and research skills of its faculty and staff. For this reason, it is a favorite destination of gifted students, would-be teachers, nurses, agriculturists, veterinarians, agriculture and civil engineers, as well as hotel and restaurant managers.

Student Milieu

The USM has become a melting pot for Muslims and Christians of different tribes like Maguindanaons, Maranaos, Tausugs, Manobos, Visayans, Tagalogs, Ilonggos, and Ilocanos. The various Christian ethnocultural groups, specifically the Ilocanos, Ilonggos, and Cebuanos, numerically dominate the student population. However, the proportion of students from the cultural communities has been steadily increasing over the years. This situation substantially delineates the institution’s involvement in helping to hasten the integration of various cultural communities into the variegated mainstream of Philippine culture and heritage.

Moreover, the democratization of access to education in terms of providing more and more scholarships to poor but potentially deserving applicants from the cultural communities is a viable incentive, a scheme that USM has adopted to attract and encourage the cultural community members to avail themselves of the educational opportunities and resources at USM. The success gained in the pluralistic student milieu serves not only as a mechanism to produce leaders among students, but also as a wholesome socio-cultural laboratory to make the students more sensitive and responsive to the needs and aspirations of their fellow students.

The atmosphere which pervades at USM is indicative of harmony; a symbol of untainted cooperation and good fellowship existing in the hearts of the students.


Living on Campus

Students find the USM campus conducive for studying because there is the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) – equipped library, quiet grounds, and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories.

Life in the campus is not a dull affair. Besides, extra-curricular activities develop the students’ total personality. They could choose from among the many campus organizations. Students can have fun with dances and choral groups. Students play various group games on the athletic field almost every day of the week. Some students enjoy an afternoon stroll or group studies under the shade of the trees. For the more adventurous type of individuals, many of the students go in groups and visit their field experiments; go to the rubber, coconut and fruit plantations at the University of Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center (USMARC); hold picnics by the Kabacan River or under the mahogany trees; or hike to nearby barrios for relaxation.

Students also have a home away from home. USM has dormitories for men (Men’s Hall) and women (Women’s Hall) college students as well as a dormitory for the graduate students (Graduate Students’ Dormitory).

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