In support to R.A. 9147 “Wildlife Resource Conservation and Protection Act”, the USM WILDLIFE RESEARCH AND RESCUE CENTER (USM-WRRC) was established. It will be a temporary place for wildlife species caught or confiscated from traders, hunters, and pet handlers, as well as, injured or harmed species from the wild. A specialized and certain designed facility made to house specific wildlife species. Wildlife rescued and rehabilitated is categorized and observed for reintroduction which is also part of the re-populating process.

Wildlife Research & Rescue Center


Quirino B. Aben Jr.

Project Staff

About Research & Rescue Center Project

The rescue center will serve as temporary or permanent sanctuary depending on the wildlife status. The rescue center is divided into components such as: public viewing area, quarantine, animal enclosure/cages, animal clinic, supplies and offices. The rescue center is under the supervision of USM-VPRDE and DENR Region XII. A center head is designated to supervise the center operation. The center head is also responsible for supply procurement, supervise maintenance, and coordinate will experts from CVM, CA and CSM for animal care and management. The facility can be used not only for research but also for instructional purposes (i.e. tourism, animal welfare, animal husbandry, veterinary courses).


Title Proponents Duration Output
Management of Rescued Wildlife: Livability and Adaptation of Endemic Fauna under Captivity Cayetano C. Pomares, Francisco Gil N. Garcia, John Alris Calvo, John Aries G. Tabora January 2017- December 2020

–          Linkages with PENRO, MENRO, DENR, REG, LGU, BLGU

–          Established wildlife research and rescue center

–          10 wildlife species rescued including Cuora amboinensis, Sail-fin Lizard, reticulated python, Asian Palm Civet, Monitor Lizard, 3 Saltwater crocodiles, Philippine hawk, Hawk Eagle

–          Donated fauna for germplasm including wild pig, Barred Plymouth Rock, Fantail Dove and rabbits.

–          Community Engagements: (1) Phil. Army 7th IB with DENR XII personnel; (2) consultation with Brgy. Cuyapon, Kabacan, Cotabato; (3) coordination with MENRO-Datu Montawal, Maguindanao; (4) consultation with Municipal Mayor of Kabacan

–          FGD and Onsite Surveys: Biodiversity assessment in Ligawasan Marsh; Aerial assessment of Ligawasan Marsh; Assessment with Bantay Pawas, MENRO and USM; survey of conservatory for critical habitat area for crocodile.

–          Documentary film with “Born to be Wild”

–          Examination of rescued animals by veterinarians

USM Wildlife Research and Rescue Center (USM-WRRC) as Agri-Tourism Destination Cayetano C. Pomares On-going