The RPSO handles the annual publication of the Journal of Agricultural Research, Development, Extension and Technology (JARDET) published once a year. This peer-reviewed journal publishes articles not only from USM but also from contributors elsewhere. In like manner, it facilitates the implementation of Publication and Invention/Intellectual Property Awards with corresponding financial incentives. This is to encourage faculty and fulltime researches to publish research in peer-reviewed or ISI/SCOPUS indexed journals, file patents for inventions or file for copyrights.


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Mathematics Embedded in Culture: The Weaves of Batak Basketry

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Community math stations as a learning opportunity for preservice teachers

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More on perfect Roman dominants in graphs

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Effects of slaughter knife sharpness on blood biochemical and electroencephalogram changes in cattle

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Comparison of item difficulty estimates in a basic statistics test using ltm and CTT software packages in R.

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Development of weather-based empirical forecasting models of tomato leaf curl disease in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

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Rhizobacteria in Cyperus iria L.: Elucidating its plant growth-promoting potentials

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Development of a mobile ten frames app for Philippine K-12 schools

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The effects of sea and road transport physiological and electroencephalographic responses in Brahman Crossbred Heifers

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Digital simulation for grade 7 to 10 mathematics

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Crop rotation sequencing to minimize yield losses of summer-irrigated lowland rice in Myanmar caused by the rice root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola

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Zinc and iron nutrition status in the Philippines population and local soils

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Stability and G x E analysis of zinc – biofortified rice genotypes and G x E analysis of zinc – biofortified rice genotypes evaluated in diverse environments

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Economic and ecological perspective of farmers on rice insect pest management

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Banana suitability and fusarium wilt distribution in the Philippines under climate change

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Genetic mapping of QTL for agronomic traits and grain mineral elements in rice

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Probes on the rhetorical moves of research articles in methods section

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Exploring environment determinants of fusarium wilt occurrence on banana in South Central Mindanao, Philippines

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Revision of the endemic Philippine Poeciloterpa Stal (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) with description of four new species

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Species richness of trees in disturbed habitats within a protected area and its implications conservation: The case of Mt. Apo Natural Park (MANP), Mindanao Island, Philippines

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Pre-service elementary teachers’ reasoning in introducing multi-digit subtraction

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Survey of spiders at Mt. Hamiguitan, Davao Oriental, Philippines

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Coping mechanisms to existing climate hazards in the agriculture sector of Barangay Maravilla, Nagcarlan, Laguna, Philippines

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Characterization of gelatin from bovine skin extracted using ultrasound subsequent to bromelain pretreatment

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Ethnomedicinal plants used by traditional healers in North Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines

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App for addition and subtraction of integers

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Method for enhancement of tissue culture propagation protocol using male bud/floral apex of banana

Sales, E.K. & Roca, H.R. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents


Propagation of rubber rootstocks via micro cuttings

Roca, H.R. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents

A Combined Trophy and Paper Weight with Pen Holder

Pinsoy, R.F. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents


Electronic Oil Level Indicator

Akoy, N.E. & Calabit, M.C. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents

Improved Abacus

Pascual, R. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents


A Classroom Armchair

Pinsoy, R.F. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents

A Trophy and Paper Weight with Decorative Article

Pinsoy, R.F. Republic of the Philippines – Bureau of Patents


Duriologue (A Catalog of Durian Durio Zibethinus Murr.) Germplasm in the Philippines

Sales, E.K. Republic of the Philippines – National Library of the Philippines and Intellectual Property Office

University Research Handbook

Sales, E.K. Republic of the Philippines – National Library of the Philippines and Intellectual Property Office


Completion Rate and Correlates of LET Performance of Science Major Graduates in CED-USM

Soriano, H.A.S. The National Library of the Philippines and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines


SHS Preferred Tracks and Readiness of Secondary Schools for Implementation in North Cotabato

Soriano, H.A.S. The National Library of the Philippines and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

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