As the University Research and Development Office (RDO) upholds the status of excellence in research and development, it continues to be the catalyst of technology development and information. The office research track has been focusing into different themes such as access to education and literacy; environmental protection & conservation; food security and poverty alleviation; health and proper nutrition; engineering and technology; preservation of arts, culture, language and literature; promotion of peace, gender equality and development; and halal.

RDO is primarily under the umbrella of the Vice-President for Research, Development and Extension, whose prime function is to monitor and supervise students’ researches, at the same time evaluate and monitor research projects conducted by full-time and faculty researchers. In addition, the office is mandated to:

  • Improve knowledge products through collaborative and interdisciplinary R & D activities that are anchored on the University’s vision/mission;
  • Do research, generate/develop new technologies and information as solutions to improve and address local, regional and national concerns and related issues;
  • Develop mechanisms to ensure that the research results are effectively and efficiently delivered and disseminated to the target clientele for appropriate utilization and commercialization; and
  • Support resource generation efforts for continuous and sustainable R & D programs that are geared toward ensuring money availability and food security, global competitiveness and socio-cultural and socio-economic responsiveness that eventually improve the quality of life of the clienteles.


Jasmin A. Pecho

Science Research Specialist II

Mary Grace D. Samulde

Admin Aide/Clerk



Local Research


Students’ Academic Performance Taught Online Using Synchronous and Asynchronous Teaching Modalities

Saima M. Andil, Dialica L. Caup, Abdulnasser G. Makalugi, Remedios C. Kulidtod, Sofia G. Molao, Norjaida D. Maliga, Abdulkadir M. Abubakar

USM FUND 101 – 100,000.00


Development of Online Educational Contextualized and Indigenized Instructional Material Supplementing IP Quality of Education

Amme Rose L. Blonto

USM FUND 101 – 190,000.00


Educational Innovations in Rural and Remote Communities: A Multi-dimensional Approach

Leorence C. Tandog, Mitzi Aileen M. Alba, Shandra C. Gonzang, Joy Gloria P. Sabutan, Debbie Marie B. Verzosa, Astrofil Hyde M. Alcala, and Benedict Entera

USM FUND 101 – 191,904.00


My Parents, My Teachers: Continuing Education Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Marcos  F. Monderin, Vicente Delos Reyes, Mirasol O. Verona, Khristine Joy B. Garcia, Rosemarie Sison, & Roselyn Clemen

USM FUND 101 – 100,000.00


Design and Development of USMCEE Online Registration

Alvin C. Mibalo, Arjay S. Agbunag and Clarence Dave C. Galas

USM FUND 101 - 100,000.00
  • Sdy 1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis, and Design of System Architecture
  • Sdy 2. Development of Online USMCEE Registration
  • Sdy 3. Development of USER-Manual

Enhancing RD&E Indexing System (RDEIS) of USM: Design, Development and Evaluation

Melecio A. Cordero, Jr., Ryan Z. Gonzaga, Eugene G. Ranjo

USM FUND 101 - 100,000.00
  • Sdy 1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis, and Design of System Architecture
  • Sdy 2. Development of Online Indexing for R&D in USM
  • Sdy 3. Deployment and Transfer of Knowledge

Development of Low Cost Tilling Machine: A Farm Implements for Optimum Vegetable gardening

Joel V. Misanes and Ma. Dely P. Esberto

USM FUND 101 – 144,000.00


Digitalization of Faculty Workload

Hazel Ann S. Soriano, Ryan Z. Gonzaga, and Arjay S. Agbunag

USM FUND 101 - 100,000.00
  • Comp. 1. Data Consolidation for Faculty Loading
  • Comp 2. Development of Programs for Digitalization of Faculty Loading
  • Comp 3. Evaluation of Development Programs for Digitalization of Faculty Loading

Commercialization of Chayote Products

Jenny B. Mamacus, Emilie S. Estelloso, Janice E. Reynes, April Geraldin M. Quinonero, Jo-Ann D. Santos, and Ramil B. Puruganan

USM FUND 101 - 225,000.00
  • Study 1. Standardization of Formula and Processes of Chayote products: Chayote sauce/ketchup, Pickle relish, Jam, and Tea
  • Study 2. Organoleptic assessment of Chayote Products: Chayote sauce/ketchup, Pickle relish, Jam, and Tea
  • Study 3. Physico-chemical and Microbial Analysis of Chayote Products: Chayote sauce/ketchup, Pickle relish, Jam, and Tea
  • Study 4. Packaging and labelling of Chayote products: Chayote sauce/ketchup, Pickle relish, Jam, and Tea
  • Study 5. Consumer Preference, Marketability and Profitability Assessment of Chayote Products: Chayote sauce/ketchup, Pickle relish, Jam, and Tea
  • Study 6. Consumers’ Emotion Diagnosis on Chayote Products: Chayote sauce/ketchup, Pickle relish, Jam, and Tea

Project: Maguindanaon Food Products And Delicacies: Standardization, Promotion For Commercialization

Francisco Gil N. Garcia, Esmaira G. Gunsayan, Roy B. Gacus, Geraldin M. Quinonero, Merlyn A. Musali, and Leonora M. Silvano

USM FUND 101 - 225,000.00
  • Study 1. Profiling of Maguindanaon Food Products And Delicacies
  • Study 2. Documentation of the Raw Materials, Ingredients, Cooking Utensils, Equipment and Preparation
  • Study 3. Standardization of Maguindanaon Food Products and Delicacies
  • Study 4. Enterprise Budget Development for Maguindanaon Food Products and Delicacies
  • Study 5. Promotion and Development of IEC Materials and Recipe Book for Maguindanaon Food Products and Delicacies

Development, Standardization and Packing of Nutri-foods for Emergencies

Jigzcel Divine F. Basoy, Ivy Mar B. Cabornida, Maribelle T. Piamonte, Leila S. Moscoso, & Urduja G. Nacar

USM FUND 101 - 225,000.00
  • Comp 1. Development and Standardization, Shelf-life and Packing of Coconut -based Nutri-Foods
  • Comp 2. Development and Standardization, Shelf-life and Packing of Vegetable and Fruit-based Beverages
  • Comp 3. Development and Standardization, Shelf-life and Packing of Cereal-based Nutri-Foods
  • Comp 4. Sensory Evaluation, Consumer Acceptability Testing and Label Design of Developed Nutri-Foods
  • Comp 5. Nutritional & Physico-chemical Quality Assessment & Production Cost Determination of Nutri-Foods

Productivity of Crossbred Goats and Sheep Fed with Three Varieties of Brachiaria grass

Josephine R. Migalbin and Roy C. Ricabar

USM FUND 101 - 200,000.00
  • Sdy 1. Production performance of three varieties of Brachiaria grass
  • Sdy 2. Productivity of Crossbred Goats Fed with Three Varieties of Brachiaria grass Supplemented with Spent Grain

Development of Rapid Technique for Analysis of Adulterated Wholesome Food Products: A combination of Spectroscopy and Chemometrics for Halal Food Analysis

Frederick John B. Navarro and Queennie G. Llera            

USM FUND 101 – 225,000.00


Development and Evaluation of Automated System for Profiling of Student Organizations in the University of Southern Mindanao

Yvonne V. Saliling, Geraldine M. Quinones, Paul John B. Ongcoy, and Ryan Z. Gonzaga

USM FUND 101 – 100,000.00



Comparative Analysis of the Biochar Derived from Rice Straw, Rice Husk, Corn Stalks, Corn Cobs, and Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch on Soil Water Retention Capacity and Development and Growth of Pechay (Brassica rapa Chinensis)

Tito Jun T. Tidula and Rezin Cabantug

USM FUND 101 - 178,300.00
  • Sdy 1. Fabrication and Testing of Small-scale Retort for Biochar Production of Rice Straw
  • Sdy 2. Characterization of the Biochar Derive from Agricultural Waste Specifically Rice Straw, Rice Hulls, Corns Stalks, Corn Cobs and Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch
  • Sdy 3. Soil Water Retention Capacity as Amended by Biochar
  • Sdy 4. Effect of Biochar Derived from Rice Straw Rice Hulls, Corns Stalks, Corn Cobs and Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch on Development and Growth of Pechay (Brassica rapa subsp. Chinensis)

Etiological Studies and Management Strategies against Major Diseases of Dragon Fruit

Jasmin A. Pecho, Ardniel A. Baladjay and Samsudin S. Panday

USM FUND 101 - 175,000.00
  • Study 1. Disease Assessment of Severity Infection of Dragon in North Cotabato
  • Study 2. Identification of Major Diseases of Dragon Fruit
  • Study 3. Disease Management of Major Diseases of Dragon Fruit

Diversifying the Utilization of Corn as Food and Silage for Food Security

Efren E. Magulama, Ivy Mar N, Cabornida, Nenita E. Olero and Jurhamid C. Imlan

USM FUND 101 - 335,800.00
  • Study 1. Search of Suitable Maize Varieties for Rice Mix Using USM Corn Varieties
  • Study 2. Identifying Corn Varieties for Baby and Green Fodder Corn Production
  • Study 3. Enhanced Productivity of Potential Glutinous and Sweet Corn Varieties
  • Study 4. Screen of Corn Varieties Suitable for Forage Silage Production
  • Study 5. Seed Maintenance and Improvement of USM Released Varieties in Support to Food Security

Collection, Propagation, Evaluation and Maintenance of Cut Foliage and Flowering Pot Ornamentals at USMARC

Nancy E. Duque and Lorelyn Joy N.Turnos

USM FUND 101 - 200,000.00
  • Study 1. Collection, Propagation, Evaluation and Maintenance of Cut Foliage
  • Study 2. Collection, Propagation, Evaluation and Maintenance of Flowering Pot Ornamentals


Standardization Protocol for the Development of USM Food Products

Bryan Lloyd P. Bretaña, MSc, Rmicro & Prof. Harem Roca & Frederick John Navarro

USM FUND 101 - 470,000.00
  • Study 1. Protocol Standardization for Product Quality Assurance at the University of Southern Mindanao High Value Crops Food Processing Center (HVCFPC)
  • Study 2. Multifaceted Approaches on the Determination of Shelf-life of USM High-Value Crops Processing Center Food Products for Quality Control Measures
  • Study 3. Registration and Commercialization of USM Food Products

Development of Innovative Approaches for Clonal Propagation of Industrial and Fruit Crops

Sheena B. Lucena, Ferdinand A. Duldulao and Edward A. Barlaan

USM FUND 101 – 205,000.00


Development of Handbook on good Agricultural Practices and Marketing Systems for Economically important Crops in USM

Marry Grace S. Balbuena and Edward A. Barlaan

USM FUND 101 - 100,000.00
  • Study 1. Development of Handbook on Good Agricultural Practices and Marketing Practices (GAMPs) in High Value Industrial Crops
  • Study 2. Development of Handbook on Good Agricultural Practices and Marketing  Practices (GAMPs) in High Value Fruit Crops

Development of Innovative Approaches for Clonal Propagation of Industrial and Fruit Crops

Sheena B. Lucena, Ferdinand A. Duldulao and Edward A. Barlaan

Project Title: Development of Innovative Approaches for Clonal Propagation of Industrial and Fruit Crops

Study 3 Leader: Edward A. Barlaan

Study Title: Selection for Glyphosate Tolerance and Corn Borer resistance in Corn Segregating Populations

Component Leader: Edward A. Barlaan


Intermediate Teachers’ Competence and Readiness in Teaching Writing in the English Language

Marlyn A. Resurreccion, Reizelle May C. Amilbahar, Rhodora A. Melgar, Kristine Joy B. Garcia, Jerose L. Moliina, Khadiguia O. Balah, Lawrence Anthony O. Dollente       




Development and validation of teaching guide in earth science using 7e’s lesson approach and lesson study model

Hazel Ann S. Soriano, Faith P. Buned, Jay G. Regulacion, Kautin S. Kulano


Predictors of success and failure of test takers in the licensure examinations: basis for the development and assessment of intervention programs in improving passing rate

Ronel A. Naringahon, Donnie M. Tulud, Mirasol O. Verona


Panitikang bayan ng mga katutubo bilang kagamitang pampagtuturo

Maria Luz D. Calibayan, Shandra C. Gonzang, Nelia O. Du and Winnie O. Aquino


Utilization of electronic waste management model: the intervention in the case of higher  education institutions of North Cotabato

Maricel G. Dayaday & Fredelino A.  Galleto Jr


Instructional material development: input to ge course on peace and development

Amme Rose L. Blonto & Radji A. Macatabon


Product development, packaging and branding of smokes native catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) as “tinahito”

Pia Amabelle M. Flores and Jalaloden Marohom


Evaluation of larvicidal and ovicidal activities of marigold in mosquitoes

Sedra A. Murray and Elma G. Sepelagio


Teaching and learning enhancement on selected general  education (GE) courses through outcomes-based education (OBE)

Abubakar A. Murray and Kharlo J. Subrio


Utilization assessment on modified solar photovoltaic lighting system in ip communities

Jowena G. Belocura and Jimmy  D.Rama


Development and product evaluation of adlai butter spread and sayote leaf tea

Emilie S. Estelloso, Jenny B. Mamacus, Janice E. Reynes, April Geraldin M. Quenonero, and Jo-Ann D. Santos


USM Corn R&D program: harnessing potential of non-conventional hybrids and other special types in improving  corn productivity

Efren E. Magulama, Nenita E. Olero, Jasmin A. Pecho, and Antonio P. Pasig


Enhancing productivity of lansium (longkong) through the interactive effects of fertilization, pgr, irrigation, and fruit thinning techniques

Nenita E. Olero, Antonio P. Pasig, and Ferdinand E. Duldulao


Nanofertilization to enhance production of high-value vegetables and legumes

Nancy E. Duque


Comparative performance of native and Hainan varieties of black pepper using different trellis and type of planting materials

Sheena B. Lucena & Nancy E. Duque


Germplasm collection, preservation and perpetuation of Philippine indigenous plants with food and medicinal values

Rezin Cabantug


Agri-farm tourism development for herbs- spice and medicinal plants 

Rhodora Manceras


Concretization of GAD initiatives in USM

Jacinta T. Pueyo & Marlyn Resurreccion



Tracer study of college of education graduates from 2014-2018 and their employability status

Ellen Joy M. Farala, Dyane Rhea B. Bana-Ay, Sonia F. Almazan, and Sandra M. Paidomama


Agri-farm tourism development for herbs, spices and medicinal plants

Rhodora S. Manceras, Monaira I. Sumael, and Neil Pep Dave N. Sumaya


Packaging and marketing of herb-based, spice-based, coffee-based and cacao-based products

Irving T. Fajarito and Metche Anne C. Logronio


Nursery establishment and production of quality planting materials for high value crops

Marissa E. Garcia and Nancy Duque


Genetics or environment: tracing the root cause of increasing homosexual population

Jonald L. Pimentel and Anna Jean S. Garcia


Integrated farming systems towards increased agricultural productivity through family entrepreneurship

Samsudin S. Panday, Joseph O. Castillo¸ Analyn A. Gonzales, Josephine R. Migalbin, Jurhamid C. Imlan, and Mitzi Aileen M. Alba


Anthelmintic metabolites from herbal medicines for livestock

Elsa A. Gonzaga, Elizabeth C. Molina, Rolando J. Garduque, and Loveille Jun A. Gonzaga


Rehabilitation and application of good agricultural practices (gap): a way to revive dragon fruit for sustainable production under Kabacan agrometeorological condition Production  

Flora P. Nicor and Noe S. Mamon


Agro-Farm Tourism Development for Fruits and Industrial Crops in the University of Southern Mindanao (completed)

Antonio P. Pasig, Marissa E. Garcia, Nancy E. Duque, Ferdinand A. Duldulao, Cris Harvin Rey S. Calvo, Gwen Iris D. Empleo, Ivy M. Pasquin and Edward A. Barlaan


Production technology development for catfish (Clarias macrocephalus)

Pia Amabelle M. Flores, Leonila V. Papalid, Stephen Dave M. Dupo and Richer B. Tiad


Agro-Eco Farm Tourism Development for Poultry and Livestock in the University of Southern Mindanao

Julius Jerome Ele, Mary Joy Cañolas, Josephine Migalbin, Jurhamid Imlan, Eulalio Vergara, Geoffray Atok and Vic Laurence Oliva


Development and implementation of an e-exam of USMCEE using star topology

Maricel G. Dayaday and Arjay S. Agbunag


Development and evaluation of automated system for organizational election

Paul John B. Ongcoy and Ryan Z. Gonzaga


Development of usm radio broadcast program for developed products and technologies of USM and affiliated organizations

Genghis Khan P. Manero, Allan G. Dalo, Ardniel A. Baladjay, and Allan C. Facurib


Development of spice-based, herb-based and coffee-based and cacao-based products for increased commercial value

Ivy Mar B. Cabornida, Mark Al-Jamie J. Muttulani, Maribelle T. Piamonte Harem R. Roca


Filipino Cuisine: Twists, Tweaks and Variants (completed)

Cheryl Y. Dulay, Ivy Mar B. Cabornida, Shirl M. Bebit, Edward A. Barlaan


Product Development and Value-Adding of USM Grown Tropical Fruits (Lanzones, Marang and Mangosteen)     

Agnes Rodulfa and Arlene Riogelon


Physical fitness assessment towards development of physical fitness test manual

Moreno B. Java, Elpedio A. Arias and Vinus P. Java


Pantawid pamilyang pilipino program: effects and defects on agricultural manpower resource

Maricar U. Juaneza and Roselyn M. Clemen


Development of e-learning materials for purposive communication to improve the communicative competence of esl learners.

Glyn Gabano-Magbanua and Marlyn A. Resureccion


Security assessment towards a safer university of southern mindanao

Orlando B. Forro


Assessment of the rabies control program in North Cotabato Province (Phase 2)

Elizabeth C. Molina, Elsa A. Gonzaga and Rolando J. Garduque



Analysis of the alignment between usm’s mathematics programs the students’ present academic or future professional needs

Debbie Marie Verzosa and Philip Lester Benjamin


Fund Monitoring and Management System: A Knowledge Management Software for USM Research and Extension Office

Arjay Agbunag


Pharmaceutical Qualification on Cultural Restriction: Influence of Porcine DNA on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Care Professional on Medication Therapy

Marianne I Meriales and Emmalyn Mamaluba


Amalgamation of the cultural activities of the Tagakaulo at Malungon Saranggani Province into Indigenous People Educational Development Framework

Marlene Orfrecio, Priscilla P. Dagoc, Judy L. Garcia, Eduard S. Sumera, Jerum B. Elumbaring and Marlon A. Mancera


ISTRIJA: Pshycological, intervention for the Muslim Filipino survivors of armed conflict of Marawi siege

Yusuf Indin


Determinants of adoption of solar photovoltaic technology for households

Jeffrey Gorre


Assessing the integration of technology into teaching: the case of secondary school teachers in Arakan, Cotabato

Vicky Grijaldo


Determinants of the licensure examination of performance of the graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine-University of Southern Mindanao

Emelie Okit


Communication channel used and level of effectiveness of the double barrel projects implementations in Cotabato and South Cotabato provinces

Roviline Rapisura



Baseline study on implementation of multi-lingual education in district II Kidapawan City

Mercedes Centillo


Employability of University of Southern Mindanao graduates

Riceli Mendoza


Economic sustainability of local dish culinary innovations

Aldrin Alim


Comparison and evaluation of linear static and dynamic seismic analysis of selected USM Building

Bonifacio Aznar


Short firearms’ muzzle pressure and its effect in hitting the target

Rolly Sotto


Development of Electronic Data Filing and Retrieval System of University Southern Mindanao Faculty and Staff (completed)

Edward A. Barlaan, Arjay Agbunag and Alberto C. Arellano


Detecting and mapping banana diseases: developing the architecture for image processing

Maricel G. Dayaday


Characterization and utilization of air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera) Tuber

Estrella Del Cruz and Stella P. Ocreto


Assessment of the major eco-tourism sites in SOCCKSARGEN

Rosyell Piosca


Management of two major diseases of banana using eight commercial bioformulation/biopesticides

RC Jan Evangelista



Morphological, productive and reproductive characterization of native chickens

Elsa A. Gonzaga, Elizabeth C. Molina, Rolando J. Garduque and Carlito B. Sanchez


Demonstration of strategies to limit gastro-intestinal parasitism in grazing goats

Elizabeth C. Molina and Alris John G. Calvo


Simulation model validation on sheep-oil integration model (USM SOIM) at USM-AVAS

Milagrina P. Pomares, Cayetano C. Pomares and Noe S. Mamon


Evaluation of Laboratory Methods Using Low Cost Facilities in Determination of DRC and Dirt Content

Stella P. Ocreto and Joseph D. Andug


Obo, Manobo literature: breakthrough of new cultural learnings

Riceli C. Mendoza


Integration of literally-based instruction towards Teduray cultural heritage enrichment and preservation

Rezeille May C. Amilbahar


The Arumanen-Manobo literary tove: towards an inclusive language education for ethnic communities

Kloyde A. Caday


Designing literature-based instructional materials for ilocano language and cultural preservation

Sofia Loren B. Neyra


Lingon, nged & tutul: A glimpsed of T’boli traditions

Lawrence Anthony U. Dollente


Botanical extracts from locally-available plants for the control of major insect pests and cacao and rice

Purificacion O. Cahatian


Evaluation of rain guard for prevention of washout of latex from rubber trees during rainfall events

Herminigildo M. Gutierrez


Completion rate and correlates of LET performance of Science major graduates of the college of education (2014-2016)

Maybell Martin


Suitability of rubber & rice hulls bluchor for Bioremediation of quarried and scrapped soils

Herminigildo M. Gutierrez


Development of AVAS-USM as an avenue for community based tourism

Dianne Cristel M. Basilio and Meldred F. Samblaceño


Batasan Agro-Ecological Landscaping a Mitigating Tool for Climate Change

Cayetano C. Pomares, Flora P. Nicor, Harem R. Roca, and John Aries Tabora


Development of an ece reviewer android app for ECE-USM students: an evaluation

Maricel G. Dayaday


Processing to Achieve Value-Added Products during Surplus of Fruit Production in USM Orchards

Agnes A. Rodulfa


Assessment of Diseases and Illness Incidence and Inventory of Drugs, medicine, and Medicinal Supplies of USM Hospital

Francisco Gil N. Garcia and Merchia Mayormente


Evaluation of biocharcoal from various agrowaste materials

Herminigildo M. Gutierrez


Faculty Profile of the University of Southern Mindanao on its implication to Retirements and Hiring

Francisco Gil N. Garcia, Anita S. Gelacio & Genghis Khan P. Manero


Tracer study of USM-KCC graduates: an analysis

Ronielyn F. Pinsoy and Jeanne Y. Aure


Fabrication and test of hybrid powered light

Kiril Van A. Aguilar


The travails of childless wives in the academe: a phenomenology

Vhenus B. Maglinte


Development of a training module for systematic financial management towards a stable financial status of rice farmers in North Cotabato

Sandra Angela A. Bangcaya


Informal settlement in a public agricultural land: the case of manuvu community

Jul-Aida U. Enock, Ma. Evelia Z. Lim, John Dave E. Llanto & Lian D. Bagonoc


Viable cooperative system: achieving increased corn productivity and profitability in North Cotabato

Roy B. Gacus, Michelle Sabangan, John Mark Danlag and Jalaloden B. Marohom


Client satisfaction evaluation of the University of Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center (USMARC) Central Analytical Laboratory

Flora P. Nicor


Transfer of technology-basis to sustainable livelihood

Ronielyn P. Pinsoy and Kiril Van A. Aguilar


Health status profiling of USM faculty and staff

Marriane I. Meriales


Student’s attitude towards general mathematics

Carmeelyn L. Balneg


Development of electronics instructional kit for senior high

Kiril Van A. Aguilar


Validation of USM chronicles (USM history)

Kiril Van A. Aguilar



Beekeeping under crop-based agro-ecosystem

Emiliana G. Batomalaque


Schemes senior high school track preferences and readiness of secondary schools for SHS implementation in North Cotabato

Hazel Ann S. Soriano


Success rate of the university laboratory school curriculum tracer study of high school graduates

Arabella Soberano, Maybell Martin & Airene Rosete


Optimizing planting density and fertilizer requirement of newly usm yellow corn hybrids

Ferdinand A. Duldulao and Antonio P. Pasig


Utilization of selected local fruits into nata production

Ivy Mar Cabornida & Emily Aldia


Gendered voices: an analysis  of writing errors and proficiency of second language learners

Jacinta T. Pueyo


Correlates to the level of awareness, acceptability and understanding of usm vmgo by its stakeholder

Jacinta T. Pueyo and  Jennifer Sinco


Enhanced productivity of lakatan and saba/cardaba in region 12

AD Calvo, JC Silvestre, NE Olero, JP Marcelino, ZMKusin and FSBaltazar


Macropropagation an alternative technique of producing quality Lakatan planting Materials

Nenita E. Olero, Romulo L. Cena, Ardniel Baladjay and Ariston D. Calvo


A pilot study on the sustainability of raising backyard goats supplemented with forages containing tannin

Elsa A. Gonzaga and Rolando J. Garduque



Piloting for increased productivity among small-scale goat raisers in Mlang, Cotabato

Elizabeth C. Molina and Garry D. Lazaga


Assessment of the preparedness of certified public accountants in the province of cotabato towards the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) economic integration

Lope E. Dapun


Profiling of certified public accountants in the province of Cotabato

Lope E. Dapun


Assessment of the level of competencies of certified public accountants in the province of Cotabato

Lope E. Dapun


Pest, disease and nutrient management of organic cacao

Purificacion O. Cahatian, Adeflor G. Garcia, Ronald D. Superioridad


Aquaculture – Ligawasan marsh   

Modified katatagan: building resiliency for the filipino Muslim survivors with post traumatic stress (pts).

Yusuf H. Indin


Multicultural Context  

Research Culture and Productivity of the Faculty in State Universities and Colleges in Region XII

Consuelo A. Tagaro & Dr. Riceli Mendoza


Optimum Nutrient Requirement to Enhance Productivity of Mangosteen and Lanzones

Ariston D. Calvo & Nenita E. Olero


Optimization, Efficacy and Long term Usage of Extracts from Shrubs and Tuba Seeds to Control Fruit Fly 

Ariston D. Calvo & Nenita E. Olero


Indigenous Knowledge and the Transmission of Oral Literature Genres of Manobo in Magpet, North Cotabato

Riceli C. Mendoza



Cayetano Pomares


Strengthening the BS Chemistry Program

Fabiola R. Alejandro, Efren E. Magulama, & Nenita E. Olero


Development and Optimization of Processing Method for Herbs, Spices and Essential Oil Extraction

Baudilla S. Calvo and Stella P. Ocreto


Response of Indian Bay Leaf (Cinnamomum tamala Ham.) to Organic and Inorganic Fertilization. University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, Cotabato

Alfredo F. Calvo


Limnological Marsh Game & Wildlife Refuge

Baudilla S. Calvo

Making Egg Trays from Waste Paper

Alfredo F. Calvo


Making Plastic Tiles out of Plastic Wastes

Ariston D. Calvo, Romulo L. Cena & Nenita E Olero


Agricultural Waste’s Mushroom Substrate Biosafety & Biosecurity Awareness

Lydia C. Pascula


Ethnobotanical survey of Medicial Plants

Lydia C. Pascula

External Research



Program Leader: Edward A. Barlaan

DOST-PCAARRD Budget: PhP 40,427,672.00
  • Project 1: Molecular Fingerprinting of Cacao Parental Recommended HYVs and True Criollo Ensuring Multiplication of Quality Planting Materials (QPMs) for Increased Productivity and Profitability

Project Leader: EDWARD A. BARLAAN

  • Project 2: Upgrading of the Cacao Gene Bank for Conservation and Management in Cacao Varietal Improvement

Project Leader: GWEN IRIS D. EMPLEO

  • Project 3: Development of Optimized Post-Harvest Processing Approaches for Improved Quality of Cacao Beans

Project Leader: RENEL M. ALUCILJA

Validation of Molecular Markers for Identification of Cacao HYVs, Criollo Types and Disease Resistant Varieties Through Marker-assisted Breeding (on-going)

Funding Agency: DOST-PCAARRD

Program Leader: Edward A. Barlaan

Upgrading of Cacao Post-Harvest Processing Center Facilities of USM

Harem R. Roca             

DOST-PCAARRD- March, 2021- 5,000,000.00


Supply Chain Analysis of Pummelo in Selected Regions of the Philippines

Joeteddy B. Bugarin and Kathleen Ivy Bolotaolo

PCAARRD-January 2, 2021-574,974.00


Program: Human-Macaque Interface (HUMAIN): Mitigation of Conflicts and Zoonosis in Human-Modified Habitats on Selected Tourist Areas in Leyte and Mindanao Islands

Lothy F. Casim, Cyrelle M. Besana, Leanne Jay S. Manceras 

NCRP-January 2, 2021-3,455,870.36
  • Project: Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Human-Macaque Interface: The Case of Handling, Leyte and New Israel, Makilala, North Cotabato
    • Study 1: Identification of Parasitic Fauna in Long-Tailed Macaques, Humans and Environmental Samples in Hindang, Leyte and New Israel, Makilala, North Cotabato
    • Study 2: Prevalence and Intensity of Parasitic Helminthes and Protozoans in Long-tailed Macaques, Humans and Environmental Samples
    • Study 3: Molecular Characterization of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Macaques, Human and Their Environment in Hindang Leyte and New Israel, Makilala, North Cotabato

Upgrading of High Value Crops Food Processing Laboratory at University of Southern Mindanao

Sandra Joy P. Pahm and Harem R. Roca     

DA-ACEF-January, 2021- 5,000,000.00


Upgrading of Tissue Cultures Facility in University of Southern Mindanao

Mark Al-Jamie J. Mutullani, Harem R. Roca, and Edward A. Barlaan

DA-ACEF-January, 2021-5,000,000.00


Production of Tissue-Cultured Banana (Saba/Cardava) Planting Materials

Harem R. Roca and Jane B. Ranis

DA-ACEF- January, 2021- 5,000,000.00


Harnessing Smart and Digital Agriculture Technologies for High Value Crops at the University of Southern Mindanao

Adeflor G. Garcia, Purificacion O. Cahatian, Willie Jones B. Saliling, Rezin G. Cabantug, Melecio A. Cordero, Jerry Piamonte, AR Joseph John Cahatian, Alven G. Delson, Ardniel A. Baladjay, Janice M. Bangoy, Edward A. Barlaan

DA-BAR- January, 2021- 25,000,000.00
  • Project 1: SMART Irrigation System for Plantation Crops through Hydro meteorological Monitoring
  • Project 2: SMART Soil and Nutrient management using Developed sensor technologies on cacao, coffee, cardava-banana, longkong lanzones, rubber and pummelo
  • Project 3: Development of weather-based forecasting as early warning system for integrated pest management for high value crops
  • Project 4: Identification of the strengths and limitations of potential areas for some high value crops (cacao, coffee, cardava-banana, longkong lanzones, rubber, and pummelo) in Southern Mindanao
  • Project 5: Development of Data Hub for SMART Agriculture Technologies
  • Project 6: SMART EcoPark Greenhouse: a demonstration of urban gardening
  • Project 7: SMART Technology Transfer for High Value Crop Stakeholders
  • Project 8: Geospatial Database and Information Systems for Cacao and Coffee in Regions 11 and 12

Program: University of Southern Mindanao-Treelife Coco Sugar Research and Development

Ma. Elena N. Tanabe, Cromwel M. Jumao-as, Adeflor G. Garcia, Tamie C. Solpot and Purificacion O. Cahatian

External (Private-Taray)- December, 2020 - 940,859.25
  • Project 1: Isolation and Characterization if Beneficial Microorganisms from Agricultural
  • Project 2: Formulation and Viability Testing of Microbial Inoculants
  • Project 3: Greenhouse and Field Testing if the Microbial Inoculants as Biofertilizer to Agricultural Crops
  • Project 4: Green and Field Testing of the Microbial Inoculants as Biocontrol for Major Pests and Diseases of Agricultural Crops
    • Study 1: Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens
    • Study 2: Insect Pests

Fruit Quality Improvement in Carabao Mango through Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Identification for Scab and Stem-end Rot Resistance by Genotyping by Sequencing GBS and Genom-wide Association Studies (GWAS) (on-going)

Edward A. Barlaan and Mary Grace S. Balbuena

DOST- PCAARRD,  July 01, 2020, 2,254,997.56


Establishment of Geographic Information Support System Center for High Value Commodities and Indigenous Crops On SOCCSKSARGEN

Adeflor G. Garcia and Purificacion O. Cahatian

DA- BAR – July, 2020- 8,000,000


Study on Utilization of Marang Fruit (Artocarous odorratissumus Blanco) and Assessment of Fruit Production in Mindanao

Norma U. Gomez and Rhenalie N. Bello

NRCP- 2020- 2,000,000.00


Potential Anti-cancer Leads from Plants in Region XII
Proj. Screening of Plants from region XII with Potential Anti -Cancer Activity 

Lydia C. Pascual, Francisco Gil N. Garcia, Loveille Jun A. Gonzaga, and Harem R. Roca      

DOST- PCHRD – January 15, 2020- 14,430,554.00


Project 2. Market Analysis and Positioning of Processed Halal Chevon Food Products

Jalaloden Marohom, Lorna Valdez and Ivy Mar Cabornida
DOST- PCAARRD- January 2, 2019- 3,002,909.00


Performance Evaluation of Fermented Teas as Biofertilizer and Biopesticides and their Effects on Pests, Diseases and Yields of Selected Solanaceous Vegetables

Naomi G. Tangonan, Purificacion O. Cahatian, and Maria Irinea S. Candolita

DA- BAR- September, 2019- 4,999,412.00


“MECO-TECO” Joint Research Project: Improvement of Carabao Mango Production and Fruit Quality through Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Identification for Scab and Stem-End Rot Resistance by Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) (on-going)

Joan P. Sadoral and Edward A. Barlaan

DOST- PCAARRD-February, 2019-1,416,107.6


Development of Rubber-Based cropping system in Southern Philippines

Adeflor G. Garcia, Purificacion O. Cahatian, Joan P. Sadoral, Mel Chrisel A. Sales, Joseph R. Castillo, Romulo L. Cena, and Mary Rodelyn A. Cariaga 

ACIAR & PCAARRD- July, 2019- 15,414,962.00
  • Project 1: Effective Rubber-based cropping system in Agusal del Sur and North Cotabato
  • Project 2: Land Sustainability analysis for Rubber crops in Agusan del Sur
  • Project 3: Developing Rapid and affordable soil nutrients test fertilizer formulation
  • Project 4: Development of Cost Effective Pest and Diseases Management for Rubber and Intercrops
  • Project 5: Capacity building of rubber stakeholders and role of women & children in National rubber industry in Agusan

Industry Profile of Halal Commodities in Mindanao

Roy B. Gacus, Lorna G. Valdez, Ruby S. Hechanova

DA-BAR- October 01, 2018- 5,000,000.00


Smarter Approaches to Reinvigorate Agriculture as an industry-Phase II:SARAI – Enhanced Agricultural Monitoring System in North Cotabato

Adeflor G. Garcia, Purificacion O. Cahatian, and Romulo L. Cena

UPLB DOST- PCAARRD- August 2018- 1,333,496.00


Curriculum Development and Offering on Halal Science and Scholarship for SUC Faculty on Halal Science

Emma K. Sales, Francisco Gil N. Garcia, Josephine R. Migalbin, and Monaira I. Sumael

CHED- DARE TO – August 2018-  13,270,502.00


Phenotypic and Genotypic Analysis of Coffea canephora (Robusta) using Morphological and molecular markers

Emma K. Sales and Harem R. Roca

DA-BAR- July 2018- 3,933,600.32


Multilocation Trial of Ten (10) Promising Varieties of cacao in Type II and III Agro-Climatic Zones in Southern and Northern Mindanao

Cris Harvin Calvo           

DOST-PCAARRD- April 16, 2018- 18,000,000.00


College of Agriculture Dr. Lorelyn Joy N. Turnos
College Arts and Social Sciences Mr. Rowell N. Nitafan
College of Business Development and Economic Management Ms. Helen A. Macailing
College of Education Ms. Dyane Rhea Bana-ay
College of Human Ecology and Food Sciences Ms. Dianne M. Basillio
College of Engineering and Information Technology Engr. Marilyn S. Painagan
College of Health Sciences Ms. Marianne I. Meriales
College of Science and Mathematics Ms. Leanne Jay S. Manceras
College of Trade and Industry Prof.  Samson L. Rapuza
College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Elizabeth C. Molina
Institute of Middle East Asian Studies Ms. Saima M. Andil
Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation Mr. Ruben L. Tagare
Graduate School Dr. Debbie Marie B. Versoza
USM – KCC Ms. Vicky Grejaldo
USM –PALMA Cluster Campuses Jane B. Ranis

CHED Mandate



  • Pursuant to CHED Republic Act 7722, the national government’s commitment to transformational leadership puts education as the central strategy for investing in the Filipino people, reducing poverty, and building national competitiveness shall:
  • Sec a. Promote relevant and quality higher education (i.e. higher education institutions and programs are at par with international standards and graduates and professionals are highly competent and recognized in the international arena);
  • Sec c. guarantee and protect academic freedom for continuing intellectual growth, advancement of learning and research, development of responsible and effective leadership, education of high level professionals, and enrichment of historical and cultural heritages;
  • Specifically, CHED aims to achieve that the overall societal goal is the attainment of inclusive growth and sustainable development while the higher education sub-sector goals are: the formation of high-level human resource, and generation, adaptation, and transfer of knowledge and technology for national development and global competitiveness.

As indicated in Section 5. PROGRAMS, ACTIVITIES, AND PROJECTS and Article 5.1.1 Aligning HEI programs with national development goals the relevant and Responsive Research, Development and Extension (RDE), CHED supports the conduct of RDE aimed at generating, adapting and transferring or applying new knowledge and technologies for improving productivity and livelihood, promoting peace, empowering women, protecting the environment, reducing disaster devastation, and alleviating poverty.

University of Southern Mindanao

Proposed Research, Development and Extension (RDE) Agenda (2022-2031)

RDE Themes RDE Priority Areas
1 Quality Learning, Skills Development, and Literacy Innovative teaching strategies; development and evaluation of functional education materials and modality; development of strategies/approaches for increased learning interest, motivation and engagement; school management; knowledge management; special education; remedial education; alternative learning system; assessment; soft skills; practical skills; adult education; language literacy; numerical literacy; data literacy; computer literacy; international studies; tracer studies
2 Social Development, and Strong Institutions Gender and development (GAD); peace initiatives; community development; human security; justice; public policy and legislations; social rehabilitation; governance; organizational studies; behavioral studies; social institutions; ethics and public accountability; programs/project assessment; community needs assessment and interventions; partnerships and linkages
3 Preservation of Culture Multicultural studies; educational materials for IPs; indigenous knowledge systems and practices; development of materials for cultural knowledge and promotion; arts; language and literature studies
4 Environmental Protection, Conservation, and Risk Reduction Environment rehabilitation studies; biodiversity; climate change adaptation; risk, hazard and mitigation; biosafety; natural resources conservation and management; bioremediation; flood control; waste management; ecological preservation and care; environmental impact assessment
5 Food Security and Poverty Reduction Agricultural and fisheries research; biotechnology; innovations; quality food product development; technology development; halal food production; sustainable production; responsible consumption; organic agriculture; food testing; smart agriculture; precision farming; livelihood programs; subsidy impact assessment; capacity building; capability building; farm machineries; post-harvest facilities; vertical farming; indigenous food
6 Good Health and Well-being Nutrition; sports; physical education; resilience; psycho-social health; medical and medicinal studies; sanitation; functional foods; food and water quality and safety; mental and emotional health; therapy; coping mechanism; preventive measures; emerging diseases; health management; alternative medicine
7 Innovations in Science, Engineering, and Technology Innovations; product and technology development; energy; materials science; nanotechnologies; robotics; artificial intelligence; internet of things; Science,  Engineering, Communication, and Technologies (SECT) 4.0; biotechnology and OMIC technologies; inventions and discoveries; basic research;  information technologies; electronics; drug discovery; mathematics; emerging technologies; fabrication; transport system; waste management; infrastructure; water systems; simulation studies; industrial and allied technology
8 Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Management Entrepreneurship; economics; micro and macro scale business; product development; marketing; commercialization; networking; franchising; financial management; business feasibility studies; risk and opportunities; value adding; value chain analysis; organizational management; quality service assessment; human resource management; production management