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       The USM Extension service is essentially geared towards human resource development resulting in physical, socio-cultural, economic and political well being. Contributing to this end are the following programs with flexibility relative to strategies and implementation:

  1. Training. These are non-credit training programs conducted in or off campus to provide participants with technical and practical competence in various fields of human endeavor. The clients are provided with skills for employment and for increasing efficiency in their farm business. Capabilities of personnel from development agencies are upgraded and enhanced. For unemployed and underemployed, they are taught certain skills or trade useful for employment or self-employment.
  2. Information/Communication. This pertains to the dissemination of research findings for adoption and application for better living. It is carried out through bulletins, journals, manuals, leaflets, circulars, feature articles, and press releases or through a team of specialists called the USM Technical Mobile Team.
  3. Demonstration/Action Program. This is in effect teaching by example. Result and method demonstration projects shall be conducted and established in strategic places of the service areas or out USM by each college/unit as means of effecting changes among the clientele.
  4. Farm and Business Advisory/Technical Assistance. This program is aimed at making available the services and or expertise the members of the University faculty and staff to the clientele. Activities, such as, direct consultation, technical/farm advisory, facilitation, monitoring, evaluation, advocacy and introduction of innovations are included in this program.
  5. Research and Extension Linkages. The USM Extension Services Center is concerned with increasing agro-industrial productivity and profitability, developing human potential, improving nutrition and health, generating self-help program, enhancing economic development, strengthening environmental sensitivity with linkages and support agencies.
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