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1st Semester, SY 2018 - 2019

April - June USM College Entrance Examination (c/o UGC and UTDC)
May 21 - June 5 Enrollment for Incoming Freshmen for 1st Semester, SY 2018-2019
June 6-8 Enrollment for Summer 2018
June 12 Independence Day
June 11 Start of Classes for Summer 2018
June 13 USM Cluster Graduation and Recognition for Non-Degree Programs
June 14 USM General Commencement Exercise 
June 15 Eid'l Fit'r (End of Ramadhan)
June - July CENCOM - OJT (Dept. of Electronics Eng'g)
July 2 Basic Info on Disaster by MDRRMO (c/o GAD)
July 11 Gender Sensitivity Seminar Workshop for the Faculty, Non-teaching & USG (c/o GAD)
July 16-19 USM Mid-year Review and Planning Workshop
July 17-21 Final Examination for Summer 2018
July 23- 24 Enrollment for 1st year Students only for 1st Semester, SY 2018-2019
July 23- 31 USG Enrollment Assistance Program (c/o USG)
July 25-26 Enrollment for Regular and Continuing Students (including 1st year students)
July 27-31 USM - USG Student Leader's Congress
July 27 - Aug. 10 Graduate School Enrollment for 1st Semester, SY 2018-2019
July 30 - Aug. 3 USM - Senior High Preperation for the Opening of Classes
July* Enrollment of USM Varsity athletes (c/o ISPEAR)
July - August * Renewal and Recruitment of USM Varsity Athletes and Coaches (c/o ISPEAR)
August 1 Start of Classes for 1st Semester SY 2018- 2019
August 1 ULS Start of Classes for SY 2018- 2019
August 1 College of Veterenary Medicine (CVM) Orientation Program 
August 1 Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies (IMEAS) Orientation Program
August 1 CIT - Department of Industrial Technology (CIT-DIT) Foundation Anniversary
August 2 College of Art and Sciences (CAS) Orientation Program
August 2 College of Engineering and Computing(CENCOM)Orientation Program & Turnover Ceremony
August 2 Screening of Old Mindanao Tech (MT) staff for 2018 (c/o MT)
August 2-3 USM Student Leaders Congress (c/o USG)
August 3 NSTP - Enrollment and Profiling (CWTS)/ Enrollment ARESCOM (ROTC)
August 3 USM- Senior High School Orientation (all students) 
August 4 ULS Alumni Homecoming
August 6 USM - SHS Start of Classes for 1st semester, SY 2018-2019
August 6 USM - SHS Filing of Candidacy for SSG Election 
August 6 Sports Meeting/ Confirmation of Coaches Designation (c/o ISPEAR)
August 6 College of Business, Dev,t, Econ, and Mgt. (CBDEM) Orientation Program
August 6 CIT- Dept. of Industrial Technology (CIT-DIT) Orientation Program
August 6 College of Education- FEES/FSMS and Classroom Officers' Organizational Meeting
August 6 ISPEAR-LSG Facilitating Recreational Games at Amas Capitol (Kalivungan Festival 2018)
August 6-9* Mindanao Tech Bazaar 2018 (c/o MT)
August 7 Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (ISPEAR) orientation Program
August 7 College of Human Ecology and Food Sciences (CHEFS) Orientation Program
August 7 College of Health Sciences (CHS) Parent and Students Orientation and Consultation Program
August 7 - 9 NAtional Training and Workshop for Literary and Journalism at Cagayan de Oro City (c/o MT)
August 8 College of Agriculture (CA) Orientation Program
August 8 ULS Day
August 8 USM-SHS SSG Election (a.m) and Organizational Meeting of Clubs (p.m)
August 8-9  ISPEAR - LSG Sports Management of Senior High School Intramural Meet 2018
August 9 College of Education (CED) Orientation Program
August 9 USG Special Election of Local Student Governments for CIT, CHEFS, CAS, CVM
August 9 Screening of New Mindanao tech Staff for 2018-2019 (c/o MT)
August 10 NSTP (ROTC/CWTS) Module 1-Orientation, NSTP Law and Organizational
August 10 CENCOM- ICpEP Meeting
August 10-12 ULS Congressional Meet
August 11 Mindanao Tech Orientation Program (c/o MT)
August 13-31 OSA Registration Period for USM Campus Student Organizations
August 15-18 ULS Boy Scout of the Phil. 4th One Mindanao Jamboree
August 16 USG-ASG-LAS Mass Induction Program
August 16 1st Mindanao Tech Staff Presswork (c/o MT)
August 17 NSTP-Module 2- Citizenship Training
August 17 College of Health Sciences (CHS) Freshmen Day and Acquaintance Program
August 18 Kabacan Foundation Anniversary
August 18 Start of Classes of the Graduate School for 1st Semester, SY 2018-2019
August 18 CED-LSG Team Building Activity
August 18 CHEFS-Leadership Training Program
August 18 CENCOM - Dep. of Agri'l and Biosystems Eng'g Acquaintance Program
August 18 CENCOM - PSABE Acquaintance Program  
August 20 CVM - Honoring Ball for DVM Board Passers 
August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day (National Holiday) 
August 21-23 OPSmile Medical Mission (c/o USM Hospital) 
August 22* Eid Al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) 
August 23 Sports Meeting for Intramural Meet (c/o ISPEAR) 
August 24 NSTP- Module 3 - Druug Education Leadership Training , Proposal & Resolution Making 
August 24 College of Agriculture (CA) Founding Anniversary 
August 24 CED Freshmen Day 
August 24 ULS Acquaintance Program 
August 24 CVM - Classwork 
August 24-25 MT-Team Building (c/o MT) 
August 25 Freshmen Day Celebration / Gilas Freshmen(c/o USG and LSG Units) 
August 25 CENCOM Freshmen Day 
August 25 Graduate School Freshmen Orientation  and Consultation Program 
August 28-29 ISO Internal Audit 
August 29 CENCOM - ICpEP Acquaintance and Team Building Program 
August 30 ULS Buwan ng Wika Culmination Day 
August 30 ISO 7'S
August 31 NSTP - Module 4- DRRM Awareness (CWTS, GAD)
August 31 CVM-Feeding Program and Animal Awareness Lecture
August 31 CVM-Classwork
August 31 National Heroes Day (National Holiday)
August 31 Culmination Program:Buwan ng Wika(c/o CAS) 
August 31 USM Faculty Association (USMFA) Mid-year Assembly
August 31 Mindanao Tech Staff Seminar (c/o MT)
August * CENCOM - BS InfoSys Internship
August * CENCOM - BS InfoSys Acquaintance and Induction Ceremony
August- Sept. * ISPEAR-LSG Officiating Sport Activities of different colleges/academic units
August- Sept. * Application, Interview and Final Screening of SPFO (c/o UGC)
September 1 Provincial Founding Anniversary
September 1 CHEFS Acquaintance Program
September 3 Start/Official Wearing of Prescribed Schhol Uniform for Freshmen & Transferees
September 5-7 CENCOM -DABE Training-Workshop on the Development of Integrated OBE K-12 Compliant BSABE Cur.
September 6 CENCOM Acquaintance and Induction Ceremony
September 6 2nd Mindanao Tech Staff Presswork
September 6-8 USM-SHS Intramurals and Acquaintance Program
September 7 NSTP - Module 5 - Environmental Protection (NSTP,UGC)
September 7 CIT-DIT Acquaintance Program 
September 7 ULS Regional Book Week Culmination Day 
September 7 Gender and Economic Empowerment Seminar (1st Batch) for JOs and COs (c/o GAD)
September 7-8 College of Agriculture Sportfest 2018 
September 7-8 CHEFS Selection Meet 
September 8 College of Education (CED) Founding Anniversary 
September 10-14 CENCOM - DABE Training Workshop on the Dev't of Integrated OBE K-12 Complaint BSABE Cur. 
September 11-14 AACCUP Accreditation 
September 11-15 MT-School Press Advisers Movement (SPAM), Inc. at Angeles City, Pampanga
September 12  Library Day 
September 12 USM RDE Field Day and Techno-Fora 
September 12* Amun Jadid (Muslim New Year) 
September 12-14 USM-SHS Prelim Examination 
September 13-14 CENCOM Fiesta 
September 14 NSTP- Module 6- NAtional Security (NSTP, PNP/PA) 
September 14 CVM-College-based Kaliline and Intramurals  
September 14 ULS Math Olympics : Municipal Level 
September 14 USMARC / PICRI Researcher's Day 
September 14 STD-HIV/AIDS Seminar with free HIV Screening for USG and LSG officers (c/o GAD) 
September 14 COMELEC GAD - FPS"Know Elections Better Seminars" (c/o GAD)
September 15 CHEFS - NDSS Acquaintance Program 
September 15 CED Acquaintance Program 
September 15-16 CVM - Anti Rabies Free Vaccination and Rabies Awareness Seminar  
September 17-18 ISO Internal Audit 
September 20 CENCOM Sportfest 
September 21 NSTP-Values Development 
September 21 CIT-DIT Clean-up Drive 
September 21 Student Peer Facilitators Training (c/o UGC) 
September 22 CBDEM-JPIA Acquaintance Program 
September 22-23 Unit 1 Selection Meet (CA,CHEFS,ISPEAR) 
September 23 CHEFS - FTSS Welcome Program 
September 24 ISO 7'S 
September 24-25  Kaliline Festival 2018 (c/o ISPEAR)
September 26 University Convocation Program And State of the University Address(SUA) 
September 26 118th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary/Program (c/o HRMDO)
September 27 Opening of USM Pasiklaban 2018 (c/o USG)
September 27 Invitational Game for the Foundation Anniversary (c/o ISPEAR) 
September 27-28 USMARC and PICRI Anniversary 
September 27-Oct. 1 Pasiklaban Pulot Basura (NSTP, USG)
September 27-28 World Tourism Day (c/o CHEFS)
September 27-29 CENCOM - ICpEP Regional Convention 
September 28 Search for Mr. and Ms. USM 2018 
September 28 NSTP- Clean-up Drive 
September 28 CVM- Classwork 
September 28 CVM- Feeding Program and Animal Awareness Lecture 
September 29 USM Faculty and Staff Showtime (Seson V) 
September 29 Founder's Medical Mission (c/o USM Hospital)
September 29-30 UNIT II Selection Meet (CAS, CBDEM, CHS, CVM)
September 29-30 HIV/AIDS Awareness with Free HIV Screening (c/o GAD and USG)
September 29 Clean and Green Drive (c/o NSTP)
September 30 USM Alumni Homecoming (c/o MIT-USMAA)
September 30 Free Visual Examination & Cataract Screening (c/o GAD and MIT-USMAA)
September(1st Week) ULS Division Level Science Quest 
September(2nd Week) ULS Municipal Level Science Quest 
September(3rd Week) ULS BSP Camporal 
September-December*   Psychological Testing for 3rd and 4th Year Students (MPQ and WHAPS)
September* MT-CEGP/OSSEI seminar at Baguio City
September* JIECEP Summit (CENCOM - Dept. of Electronics Eng'g) 
September*  CENCOM- BSInfoSys Software Freedom Day
September * National Book Week Celebration and Culmination Day (c/o CENCOM-DCLIS)
October 1 64th USM Foundation Anniversary
Floral Offering and Kanduli (Founder's Landmark)
Street Parade (c/o USG and LSG Units)
Anniversary Convocation Program
USM Faculty and Staff "Salu-salo and After Lunch Funtastiks"
Pasiklaban 2018 Culmination Program
October 5 ULS World Teachers' Day Celebration
October 5 NSTP-RA 9362 - Anti Bullying Symposium
October 5 College of Education (CED) Teacher's Day
October 5 USM-SHS Teachers Day Celebration
October 6-7 Unit III Selection Meet (CED, CEIT, IMEAS) 
October 8 CVM- Unit Meet 
October 8 College of Education (CED) Seminar on Thesis Writing (3rd and 4th year BSE/BEED) 
October 8 Free Visual Examination & Cataract & Cataract Screening (c/o UQAC)
October 8-11 ULS First Quarter Examination  
October 8-13 USG Libreng Kape sa Midterm Exam (c/o USG) 
October 9 Institutional MAnagement Review for ISO (c/o UQAC)
October 8-12 Midterm Examination for 1st Semester, SY 2018-2019 
October 10-12 Graduate School Comprehensive Examination Schedule 
October 10-12 Awareness Training to ISO 21001:2018 (c/o UQAC) 
October 11 USG Talks: Mind Matters USM (National Mental Health Week Celebration)
October 12 NSTP: Orientation on Tobacco Control and Prevention (CWTS, UGC, USG, GAD) 
October 12 CVM- Veterinary Seminar 
October 13 College of Education (CED) Outreach Program 
October 13-14 Unit IV Selection Meet (USM-KCC & CIT-DIT) 
October 17 GAD TWG/FP Meeting (c/o GAD) 
October 17-19 USM-SHS Mid-term Examination 
October 17-21 29th National Statistics Month (c/o CAS) 
October 19 NSTP- Basic Leadership Training (NSTP, YOULEAD PHILS) 
October 19 Unit III Selection Meet 
October 19 College of Agriculture (CA) Extension Program 
October 19 CVM-Classwork and Feeding Program and Animal Awareness Lecture 
October 19 Personality Enhancement, Social Graces and Proper Decorum (c/o UGC) 
October 19-23 ULS GSP Council Encampment 
October 20 CED-LSG Leadership Seminar 
October 20 ULS PSHS National Competitive Examination 
October 22  STD-HIV/AIDS Seminar and free HIV screening cum Consultation (c/o GAD)
October 22-24 Intensive Course ISO 21001:2018 Principle and Process (UQAC) 
October 23 Gender and Economic Empowerment Seminar (2nd Batch) for JOs and COs  (c/o GAD) 
October 26 CED Parents' Consultation 
October 26 ULS First Quarter ULS PTA General Assembly and Honor's Day 
October 26 ULS BSP Fancy and Formal Drill Practice/ Advancement Program/ Board of Review 
October 27 NSTP - Midterm Examination 
October 27 CED-BEED Society FEEStival 
October 27 "Maghikay Festival" (c/o CHEFS-SHARP) 
October 27 Graduate School Seminar on Manuscript Writing for Publication 
October 27 BPE-SPE Seminar - Workshop
October-December Tutorial and Mentoring Program for Academically - Challenged Students before Midterm and Final Examination (c/o UGC)
October * Graduate School's Graduate Level Test (c/o GLT) 
October- December* Group Growth Program Classes (c/o UGC) 
October / November* MT-PASUC Regional Convention
October* MT-CEGP Provincial Convention
October*  CENCOM-DCLIS PSITS Regional Convention
October 1-Nov.3 CIT-DIT Extension Program
November 1 All Saints Day
November 2 All Souls Day
November 2 NSTP - Organization of Core of Cadets (ROTC)/ Self-Awareness (CWTS)
November 3 Seminar/Lecture on the FACETS of Physical Education (c/o ISPEAR)
November 3 ULS-PTA General Assembly and Honor's Day
November 3 Adolescent Reproductive Health ,HIV - AIDS Awareness (c/o UGC)
November 3 NSTP Midterm Examination
November 5-6 CIT-DIT Skillympics Week (1st Semester)
November 5-8 Context of Organization, Planning and Leadership(c/o UQAC)
November 7 CVM Foundation Day 
November 7-12 PSAE Regional Convention
November 9 NSTP - Lecture in AFP, PA and Military History (ROTC)
November 9 NSTP - Tree rowing/Monitoring (CWTS)
November 9 CVM- Mass Vaccination 
November 9-10 Leadership Development Training(c/o ISPEAR) 
November 9-10 CED Young Leaders' Congress
November 12-16 National Book Week and Information Month
November 12-16 CENCOM-Mindano-Wide AEcon
November 13 Sports Meeting for Faculty and Staff Meet(c/o ISPEAR)
November 14 ISPEAR -LSG oFFICIATING ABECOM Mindanao-wide Sports Fest
November 14-16 USM-SHS Pre-Final Examination 
November 15 GAD TWG?FP Meeting(c/o GAD) 
November 15 USG Talks: Symposium on Financial Management(c/o USG) 
November 16 NSTP-Military Courtesy and Descipline and Military Leadership(ROTC) 
November 16 NSTP-RA 7877(Anti-Sexual Harassment) 
November 16 NSTP-RA 9262(Anti-Violence Women and Children Act) 
November 16 NSTP-HIV Awaireness (CWTS,GAD,UGC)
November 16-17  ISPEAR-LSG Management of USM Buluan Intramurals Meet
November 18 ISPEAR - 1st BPE-SPE 7 A Side Inventional Football Tournament
November 19-22 Campus Ministry Week Celebration (c/o OSA and Campus Ministries)
November 20 Maulid un-Nabi
November 22 Cellular Management Review of the Core and Support Units(c/o UQAC)
November 22 JMS (Jiggy Manicad Stories) Symposium (c/o GAD)
November 23 NSTP - Personality Enhancement(c/o UGC)
November 23 NSTP- Core of Values, Basic Intelligence(ROTC)
November 23 CIT-DIT On the Job Training Orientation
November 23 Gender and Leadership Seminar in USM Buluan Campus (c/o GAD)
November 23-24 CED Beautification of Adopted Area
November 23-24 Get Intro Rugby Clinic (c/o ISPEAR)
November 24 Criminology Day (c/o CAS - Criminology Dept. and Crinimology Society)
November 25 Graduate School Starts of Outline/Final Defense
November 25-Dec. 1 ULS BSP 35th Council-wide Scout Jamboree
November 26 ISPEAR-LSG Zumba/Preparation for Zumbathon
November 26 MASTS Games (c/o ISPEAR)
November 26-29 CENCOM-ICpEP National Convention
November 27-29 USM RD & E In-house Review
November 28 ISPEAR - LSG Zumbathon and Zumba Dance Exercise
November 30 CBDEM Foundation Anniversary 
November 30 Bonifacio Day (Nationa Holiday)
November 30- Dec.1  CVM-SAVER Acceptance Rites 
November* ULS Chief Girl Scout Awarding Ceremony
November* National IECEP Convention (CENCOM-Dept. of Electronic Eng'g)
November* CENCOM-PICE Students' National Convention
November* CENCOM-DCLIS PLAI Congress and Students' Summit
November(3rd Week) ULS Regional Science Quest
December 1-2  Seminar-Workshop for fitness (c/o ISPEAR)
December 1 Actual Fire Drill (c/o 4BS Criminology Students and Criminology Dept.) 
December 3 Solidarity Meeting for the Faculty and Staff Meet (c/o ISPEAR)
December 3-6 ULS Second Quarter Examination
December 3-7 Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) by CHED
December 3-7 ISO: 2018 Internal Audit (UQAC) 
December 6 USM Faculty and Staff Meet (c/o ISPEAR) 
December 6 NSTP-POS ROTC 
December 7 NSTP-Map Reading/Weapon M16, M14, Interior Guard Duty/ Human Right (ROTC) 
December 7 NSTP- Orientation on Tobacco Control and Prevention 
December 7 College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Anniversary Celebration
December 7 CED Outreach Program 
December 7 CIT-DIT Kasadyahan 2018 
December 7 Gender/BOL/ (c/o GAD) 
December 7 USM-ESGP-PA Teambuilding and Christmas Program (c/o OSA)
December 7 Employment Coaching Seminar for Graduating Students (c/o UGC) 
December 7 USG Talks: Bangsamoro and Beyond (c/o USG, USMMUSA, MYRO, MWO) 
December 7  Fitness and Fun 2018: A Zumbathon (c/o ISPEAR)
December 8 AACCUP Accreditation 
December 10-12 Program Design and Development (c/o UQAC) 
December 10-13 Final Examination for 1st Semester, SY 2018-2019 
December 10-13 USG Libreng Kape sa Final Exam (c/o USG) 

2nd Semester, SY 2018 - 2019

 January 3  CVM - Year-end Thanksgiving Program
January 3-11 Graduate School Enrollment for 2nd Semester, SY 2018 - 2019
January 3-11 USG Enrollment Assistance Program (c/o USG)
January 7  USM - SHS Start of Classes for the 2nd Semester, SY 2018-2019 
January 7-11  CIT - DIT OJT and Pratice Teachers' Send-off Program
 January 11 USM Admin. Council Regular Meeting 
 January 11 CVM - Classwork and Feeling Program and Animal Awareness Lecture 
 January 11  ULS Second Quarter PTA General Assembly; Honors Day 
January 12  ISPEAR - LSG Sports Dev't National Accreditation & Licensing for Volleyball Officiating Officials
Januray 14  Start of classes for the Second Semester, SY 2018 - 2019
January 14  CED Pre-deployment Orientation and Seminar of Interns
January 15  CED Send off Program of Interns
January 16  CED Deployment of Interns at DepED
January 16 - 18 USM Year-end Review and Planning Workshop 
January 16 - 18 Internal Accreditation Assesment (c/o UQAC)
January 18 NSTP - Orientation and Introduction to Mobilizing NSTP
January 18  NSTP - Students for Community Action and Training Activities (CWTS)
January 18  NSTP - Orientation on Organizaiton of Core of Cadets (ROTC)
January 18  ISPEAR - LSG Governor's USM Inter-Collegiate Non-Varsity Basketball and Volleyball Cup
January 19 Graduate School Start of Classes for 2nd Semester, SY 2018 - 2019
January 25 NSTP - Social Mobilization/Project Proposal Making/Evaluation and Documentation(CWTS)
January 25 BSTP - Entrepreneurship (CWTS)
January 25 -26 USM - SHS LitMus (Literary Contest)
January 26 CBDEM - JPIA Day
January 28 Solidarity Meeting for Intramural Meet (c/o ISPEAR)
Jan 31-Feb. 2 Intramural Meet/Unilympics for SY 2018 - 2019 (c/o ISPEAR and ISPEAR - LSG)
(1st/2nd Wk)
ULS BSP Advancement Program
January* MT-OSSEI Competition at Baguio City
January* CENCOM - ABE Paestigan
January* CENCOM - ABE Outreach Program
January* CENCOM - DCLIS Book Donation Advocacy Program
January* CENCOM - BLIS On the Job Training
January* Forum on Bangsamoro Organic Law/BOL (c/o GAD, USMMUSA,MYRO,MWO) 
 January -
CENCOM - PICE Student's Summit 
 Janury - May*  CENCOM - PICE Seminar and CE Work Visit
 January - May Psychological Testing for 1st and 2nd Year Students (FIT and CCS-CS) 
 February 1 USM Admin. Council Regular Meeting 
 February 1 NSTP - Community Service (CWTS)/ Personal Hygiene and Sanitation (ROTC)
 February 1 College of Agriculture (CA) Seminar-Workshop on Parliamentary Procedure
 February 8 NSTP Day 
 February 8 NSTP-SUT-SMALL Unit Tactics/Troop Leading Procedure (ROTC) 
 February 8  ISPEAR - LSG Pre-Valentine Acoustic Musical Mellow Concert
 February 8 GAD TWG Meeting 
 February 8 - 9 CA - FFPCC Convention 
 February 9 CHEFS DAY 
 February 11 CVM - Opening of VetMed Week 
 February 11 - 15 CVM - VetMed Week 
 February 12 CVM - Mass Vaccination 
 February 12 USM Hospital Foundation Anniversary 
February 12 - 17 CVM - VetMed Week & Alumni Homecoming
February 13 VetMed Seminar
February 13 - 15 Internal Accreditation Assesment (c/o UQAC)
February 13 - 15 USM - SHS Prelim Examination
February 14 Valentines Day
February 14 ULS Feb-ibig Specials
February 14 USG FebIBIG 2019/Valentines Day Celebration (c/o USG)
February 14 CED Valentine's Day Celebration
February 15 NSTP - Volunteerism
February 15 NSTP - Artillery Operation/Drill RAATI (ROTC)
February 15 CVM Night
February 15 - 17 ISPEAR - LSG Junior Phil. Institute of Physical Educators Regional Convention (Region 12)
February 16 - 23 SCUAA National Games (c/o ISPEAR)
February 18 - 21 Campus Ministry Week Celebration (c/o OSA and Campus Ministries)
February 22 NSTP - HIV Awareness (CWTS, GAD, UGC)
February 22 NSTP - Armor Operation Drill RAATI (ROTC)
February 22 USM - SHS Valentines Special
February 22 ULS Junior's Promenade
February 22 Group Growth Culmination and Recognition Program (c/o UGC)
February 25 - 28 ULS Third Quarter Examination
February 27 College of Health Sciences Foundation Anniversary
February 28 CHEFS - Food Technology Day
February* CENCOM - BLIS Outreach Program
(1st Week)
ULS Division Level English Festival
(2nd Week)
ULS GSP Regional Encampment
 March 1 USM Admin. Council Regular Meeting 
March 1 NSTP - Start of Community Immersion (CWTS)
March 1 NSTP - Marches and Big Walks/Drill for RAATI (ROTC)
March 1 CVM - Feeding Program and Animal Awareness Lecture; Classwork
March 4 Simple Launching of the Women's Month Celebration (c/o GAD)
March 6 - 8 Graduate School Comprehensive Examination
March 7  USG Talks: BABAE AKO! / Women's Month Celebration (c/o USG)
March 8 CIT - DIT Clean-up Drive
March 8 NSTP - Health and Wellness (NSTP, ISPEAR)
March 8 CED - FEES School Feeding Program
March 8 First Provincial-Wide Women's Congress 2018 (c/o GAD)
March 13 USM Recognition Program
March 13 - 15 USM - SHS Mid-term Examination
March 15 NSTP - Emergency Preparedness and Response Management Training & Orientation Program
March 15 NSTP - Briefing, Scheduling and Trainings, Venues and Groupings (NSTP, ISPEAR)
March 15 - 17 ULS Grade 10 - Becquerel: Spiritual Retreat
March 17 CED - LSG Re-echo Seminar and Leadership Training
March 18 - 22 Midterm Examination for 2nd Semester, SY 2018 - 2019
March 20 - 22 Internal Accreditation Assesment (c/o UQAC)
March 21 USG Talks: Empowering Indigent Students (c/o USG)
March 22 NSTP - Mid-term Examination
March 22 ULS Third Quarter PTA General Assembly; Honors Day
March 22 University - Wide Women's Month Culmination Program (c/o GAD)
March 22 - 24 ULS Grade 10 - Maxwell: Spiritual Retreat
March 25 Institutional Mangement Review/IMR (c/o UQAC)
 March 25   CBDEM Entrepreneur Week Culmination
March 26 -29  Graduate School AACCUP Accreditation (Level 1) 
March 29  NSTP - Emergency Preparedness and Response Management Training (NSTP, ISPEAR) 
March 29  Pasundayang 2019: CENCOM Battle of Societies 
March 29  Skills Enhancement Training for USM - SPFO (c/o UGC) 
March 29 - 31 ULS Grade 10 - Rutherford: Spiritual Retreat 
March (3rd Week)  ULS BSP National Court of Honor  
March*  Criminology Acceptance 
March*  NSTP - Tactical - RAATI (NSTP, USG, OSA) 
March*  ISPEAR - LSG Sports Dev't Program Accreditation and Licensing Basketball Seminar 
March*  ISPEAR - LSG Skills Enhancement Program 
 April 1 Graduate School Start of Final Deffense 
April 5  USM Admin. Council Regular Meeting 
April 5 NSTP - Emergency Preparedness
April 10 - 12 USM - SHS Pre-Final Examination
April 11 USG HIV - AIDS Symposium with Free HIV/AIDS Testing (c/oUSG)
April 12 NSTP - Emergency Preparedness
April 12 GAD Activity
April 13 CED Outreach Program
April 15 - 18 ULS Application  for Entrance Exam for Incoming Grade 7
April 19 NSTP - Emergency Preparedness
April 19 ULS Entrance Exam for Entering Grade 7
April 20 Graduate School - Graduate  Level Test for the 1st Semester, SY 2018 - 2019
April 21 PSAE National Convention
April 22 - 25 ULS Fourth Quarter Examination
April 26 NSTP - Community Services
April 26 GAD Activity
 April*  CBDEM Outreach Program
April (2nd week)  ULS BSP Emergency Service Training Course 
April 29 - May 3  ULS Culmination Activities: MAPEH, Filipino, TLE 
April*  MT - CEGP National Convention 
April - May* Schedule of USM College Entrance Examination for 1st Semester, SY 2019 - 2020 
May 3  USM Admin. Council Regular Meeting 
May 3  Graduate School - Last Day of Final Defense
 May 3 NSTP - Tree Growing and Monitoring 
 May3 USM Gawad Parangal 2019 (c/o OSA USG)
 May 3

MT- Journalism Confab 2019

May 4  MT- Lantaw Short film Frstival 2019 
 May 9 USG - ASG - LSG Election  (c/o USG)
 May 10 NSTP- Training Evaluation and Finalization of Requirments and Others 
 May 10

ULS Family Day 

 May 13 - 15

USM - SHS Final Examination 

 May 13 - 17 ULS Kalingawan Festival 
 May 13 - 17 ULS Medical /Dental Exam for Entering Grade 7 
 May 13 - 24 ULS CSG Filing of Student Candidacy; General Campaign; Election of CSG Officers 
 May 16 GAD TWG Meeting 
 May 17 College of Agriculture (CA) Gawad Parangal 2019 
 May 17 NSTP - Final Examination
 May 18 Graduate School -Final Examination for 2nd Semester, SY 2018 - 2019 
 May 18 CED Research In-house Review 
May 20  ULS Grade 7 Orientation (Lecture)

May 20 - 24

Final Examination for 2nd Semester, SY 2018 - 2019 
May 21- 22  ULS Grade 7 Work Orientation (Group 1) 
May 23  CBDEM Student In-house Review  
May 23 - 24  ULS Grade 7 Work Orientation (Group II) 
May 23 - 24   USM - SHS Graduation Ball 
May 24  CED - LSG Turn- over Ceremony 
May 24   NSTP - CWTS Graduation Program (A.M) 
May 24  NSTP - ROTC Graduation Program (P.M) 
May 24  GAD Activity 
May 29  ULS Completion Rites; Promotion and Recognition Program 
May 30 - 31  ULS Distribution of Student Report Cards  
May 31  USM - SHS Graduation Day/Program 
May*  USM - SPFO Outreach Program / Hospital Visit ( c/o UGC) 
May* CHEFS Kick-off Program for Graduating Students 
May* CENCOM - ICpEP Trips and Seminars 
May* CENCOM - PICE Students' National Convention 
May - June* Enrollment of Incoming Freshmen for 1st Semester , SY 2019- 2020 
May - June*  MYRO - Pabuka and Islamic Symposia during Ramadhan

Summer 2019

June 3  ULS Enrollment for Grade 7

June 3 - 7

Graduate School - Enrollment for Summer 2019 
June 3 - 7 Enrollment for Summer 2019
June 4  ULS Enrollment for Grade 8 
June 5 ULS Enrollment for Grade 9 
June 6 ULS Enrollment for Grade 10 
June 6 - 9 CVM - SAVER National Convention 
June 7 USM Admin. Council Regular Meeting 
June 7 ULS Enrollment for Grades 11&12 
June 7 USM Jobs Fair and Phil. Job-net for Graduating Students (c/o UGC)
June 8 Graduate School - Start of summer Class 2019 
June 10 Start of Classes for Summer 2019 
June 10 - July 31 ULS Open Enrollment 
June 12 CHS - Ring Hop and Pinning Ceremony ( Graduating BS Nursing Student)
June 12 Independence Day (National Holiday) 
June 14*
USM Cluster Graduation  
June 15* USM General Commencement Exercise 
June 17 - 20 Level 1 and Level 2 AACCUP Acctreditation 
June 18 CENCOM Extension Program 
June 21 CHS - Capping and Pinning Ceremony ( Incoming 2nd Year BS Nursing Students) 
June 21 GAD Activity 
June 24 - July 12 Summer Youth Sports Program ( c/o ISPEAR) 
June* CENCOM - BSCS Internship
June - July* CENCOM - BSAE  On The Job Training and Trips
June - July* CENCOM - ICpEP On the Job Training
June - July* CENCOM - CE Apprenticeship (On The Job Training) 
July 8 - 12 Final Examination For Summer 2019 
July 12 End Of Classes for Summer 2019 
July 19 - 20 Annual Assessment, Planning, Benchmarking and Team Building (c/o UGC) 
July 22 - 31  Enrollement for 1st Semester, SY 2019 - 2020
July 27 Graduate School - Final Examination for Summer 2019 
ISPEAR - Sports Facilities Improvement & Enrollment of Varsity Athletes (2019 - 2020) 
August 3 Start of Classes for 1st Semester, SY 2019 - 2020 
Every Wednesday
(School days at 5:00 P.M)*
Wednesday Novena Mass ( c/o Catholic Campus Ministry)
Every Tuesday of the Month* Guidance Monthly Meeting ( c/o UGC)


* -- Tentative Schedule

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