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The Office of the Universty Registrar, as a frontline office of the University of Southern Mindanao, projects an image which the institution wants to be known for in the larger community. This is generally a reflection of what it is committed to, an excellence in all that the school offers.

ARO’s basic responsibility lies in preserving and safeguarding the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and security of the student information system and of students’ academic records.   It, therefore, has to uphold the school’s values of integrity and honesty while supporting its instructional mission by providing quality support services responsive to the needs of the academic community.

In as much as ARO is the repository of school records, the “decision on cases involving credentials, the evaluation of subjects or credits, academic placement or eligibility for graduation is controlling” (Sec. 43, Education Law) and NACSRA Handbook,1987, Part !!!). It adheres to the values of Quality Service, Competence, Integrity and Honesty in serving the University’s clientele with all sincerity of purpose., and demonstrate excellence and professional efficiency in the performance of ones tasks.


Commitment the office will:

  1. protect the confidentiality, integrity, and sanctity of academic records of the students and the graduates of  the University of Southern Mindanao;

  2. implement consistently the University Code particularly on Academic Policies  affecting student’s scholastic records (admission, registration, retention, graduation, and others);

  3. promote harmonious relationship with the University constituents, other institutions and individuals concerned with school records processing, maintenance and control of school documents; and

  4. train and develop competent and honest staff to facilitate the processing of documents needed by the University clienteles.


 General Functions 

  •  Development & Administration of Entrance Exam to Freshmen and Transferee  Students by the UTDC unit
  • Student Admissions – prepare admission & enrolment paraphernalia; review, check,  and verify the authenticity of submitted credentials of new students before filing them.
  • Evaluation of Students’ Academic records of progress – prepare worksheet of  consolidated grades, permanent record, etc.
  • Assist in the enrolment of students, advises them on curricular program, subject load and sequence
  • Record Management –accommodates, receives, processes and promptly releases request for TOR, certification, Transfer Credentials and       other academic records of students.
  • maintains logbook for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases.  
  • Data Processing – encode data of new students; encode correction of grades as requested by the faculty and approved by concerned authorities;
  •  Generates worksheet of consolidated grades, TOR and Certifications.
  • Archive/record room keeper- takes charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the Record Room; classifies, files, arranges, and stores inactive and graduated students’ records ; retrieves and files records borrowed by evaluators, the same very carefully maintaining the sanctity and confidentiality of students’ records.             


For inquiry, please contact/visit:

Ms. Lucia C. Cabangbang - Registrar III

Office of the Universty Registrar
Administration Bldg.
USM, Kabacan, Cotabato
Tel. No. (064) 248-2363

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