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USM Hymn
Copyright, 1988
Musical Arrangement by Prof Ruth Ellinor L Cannen
Lyrics by Prof Ruth Ellinor L Cannen and Dr Teofilo C dela Cruz


USM beloved

School so brave and true,

Shines her love for truth and beauty

May she ever live to serve.

USM beloved

To thy name we sing

Faithful shall we be to thee,

All one body, we.

Loyal shall we ever be,

Alma Mater, dear

let her spirit guide us

Towards life's highest goal.



We pledge to thee our love and loyalty

in our hearts for aye!(2x)


USM beloved

Fount of knowledge great,

Flows her love for highest goodness,

We shall cherish evermore.

Be our inspiration, live within each heart.

As in life we'll do our part;

With thy spirit, serve

God and land and fellowmen

Truth and freedom bring

Hear our voices ringing

Hail, our USM!

(Repeat Refrain)


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