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Bai Hadja Matabay Plang

Emeterio A Asinas, 1954-1958 Being the founding president, he led the pioneering development work of the USM (formerly called Mindanao Institute of Technology) campus which included the construction of faculty cottages, an academic building, a cooperative store, a canteen, a vocational-agriculture building, a farm machinery shed, a shop, a granary, to mention some.


Dominador D Clemente, 1958-1974 He was a staunch advocate of this philosophy: in agriculture education, production should go hand in hand with instruction. He pushed for the establishment of more agribusiness projects. He established external linkages.


Jaman S Imlan, 1975-1988 He pushed for more linkages especially in research resulting in the establishment of the Southern Mindanao Agriculture Research Center (SMARC). He worked for the conversion of the Mindanao Institute of Technology into the University of Southern Mindanao.


Kundo E Pahm, 1988-1994 He worked for the establishment of various infrastructures like the DD Clemente Building, the Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies, the Phil. Industrial Crops Research Institute (PICRI) and the Learning Resources Center, to mention some.

Virgilio-G.-Oliva,Ph.-D.gif Virgilio G Oliva, 1994-2009 He worked for the USM as center of excellence and made information technology as a flagship program. During his time, new academic programs were introduced and various academic programs accredited.

Jesús Antonio G Derije, 2009-2013 He continually upholds and carries high the torch of educational learning, research, extension, and production - to every nook and corner of the USM service area and even globally. He has strengthened partnership and linkages at the local and national scenes, sourced out funds for various research projects, upgraded program offerings, encouraged optimum utilization of resource generation and continual improvement and development of physical infrastructure of the University. He has also pursued giving of benefits and incentives to deserving employees of commendable service.



Perico Y Arcedo

Amando O Austria
Jan.-Aug. 1975

Eduardo A Araral

Dr Teresita Cambel
Teresita L Cambel
Feb 16 - May 15, 2013

Atty Christopher B Cabelin
Christopher B Cabelin
Jun 14, 2013 - Feb 13,2014

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