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First Semester 2017-2018

April - July
USM College Entrance Examination (c/o UGC and UTDC)
June 5-9 Enrollment for Summer 2017
June 12
Independence Day (Holiday)
June 13 Start of Classes for Summer 2017
June 16
USM Cluster Graduation and Recognition/Graduation for Non-degree Programs
June 17 USM General Commencement Exercises
June 26*
Eid'l Fit'r (End of Ramadhan)
July 17-21 Final Examintaion for Summer 2017
July 31 Nutrition Month Culmination Program
July - August* Renewal and Recruitment of Varsity Athletes and Coaches (c/o ISPEAR)
August 1-11
Enrrollment for 1st Semester, SY 2017-2018
August 4 1st Varsity Coaches' Meeting (c/o ISPEAR)
August 5 ULS ALumni Homeconing
August 11 Senior High School - Orientation Program
August 11 College Sports Coordinators' Meeting (c/o ISPEAR)
August 14 Senior High School - Start of Classes for 1st Semester, SY 2017-2018
August 14 Start of Classes for 1st Semester, SY 2017-2018
August 14-18 University and College-based Orientation Program for Freshmen and Transferees
August 14-31
OSA Registration Period for USM Campus Student Organizations
August 15 Filing of Candidacy for SSG Election
August 17
IMEAS Convocation and Orientation Program 
August 18 1st Varsity (old and new) Athlete's Meeting (c/o ISPEAR)
August 18
Senior High School - SSG Election and Organizational Meeting of Clubs
August 18 Kabacan Foundation Anniversary
August 18 NSTP (ROTC and CWTS) Orientation and Organizational Meeting
August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day (National Holiday)
August 24-31
UPAG Audition (c/o ISPEAR)
August 25 ISPEAR: College-based Orientation Program
August 25 ULS Day (Convocation and Acquaintance Program)
August 25 NSTP Law (Common Module)
August 25 International Youth Day (C/o NSTP)
August 26 CA Foundation Anniversary
August 26 USM -CAAA Homecoming 2017
August 28 NSTP Blood Letting Activity
August 29-30
USM 2017 Mid-year Operations Review and Projections
August 31 National Heroes Day (National Holiday)
August 31
ULS Culmination Program: Buwan ng Wika
August-September Interview and Final Screening for Student Peer Facilitators (c/o UGC)
Psychological Testing for 3rd/4th Year Students: MPQ/WHAPS (c/o UGC)
September 1 Provincial Foundation Anniversary
September 1*
Eid'l Adha (The Day of Sacrifice)
September 1-2 Senior High School - Intramural Meet
September 2
CBDEM Sports Fest
September 2 CED Young Leaders' Congress
September 7
Miss USM 2017 Screening and Registration (c/o ISPEAR)
September 8 ULS- PTA General Assembly
September 8
NSTP Citizenship Training (Common Module)
September 8 Senior High School - Acquaintance Party
September 8
September 8 CENCOM Sports Fest
September 9
CED "Panagtigum" 2017
September 11 Senior High School - Start of Wearing Complete Uniforms for Grade 11
September 14-15
Senior High School - Prelim Examination
September 15 CED Foundation Anniversary
September 15
NSTP Drug Education (Common Module)
September 15 CBDEM Leadership Training and Team Building
September 18
Start of Wearing of Prescribed Student Uniform for Freshmen and Transferees
September 18 Miss USM 2017 Talent Presentation (c/o ISPEAR)
September 21*
Amon Jadid (Muslim New Year)
September 21 CIT-DIT Clean-up Drive
September 22
CENCOM Foundation Anniversary
September 22 CIT-DIT Acquaintance Program
September 22
ULS-CSG Leadership Seminar and Team Building Activity
September 22 Student Peer Facilitators Training (c/o UGC)


Second Semester 2015-2016

Oct 26 - Nov 5
Enrollment for 2nd Semester
Oct 31 MASTS Sports and Literary - Musical Competition (c/o ISPEAR)
Nov 1
All Saints Day (Holiday)
Nov 2 All Souls Day
Nov 9 Start of Classes
Nov 13 Job Information Program for Graduating Students
Nov 19
CVM Foundation Day
Nov 30 Bonifacio Day (Holiday)
Dec 4-5
USM Faculty and Staff Meet (c/o ISPEAR)
Dec 7 Start of Paskuhan sa USM 2015 (c/o USG and LSG)
Dec 10
CED Teachers' Week Celebration
Dec 10 CAS Foundation Anniversary
Dec 11
CBDEM Foundation Anniversary
Dec 15 International Relations Day
Dec 16
ULS Christmas/Year-end Party
Dec 17 USM Paskuhan 2015
Dec 18
Start of Christmas Vacation
Dec 19 Shariff Kabungsuan Day (Holiday)
Dec 25
Christmas Day
Dec 30 Rizal Day (Holiday)



Year 2016



Jan 1
New Year's Day
Jan 4 Classes Resume
Jan 10-15
CIT-DIT Skillympics Week
Jan 18-23 Mid-Term Examination
Feb 1-7
Campus Ministry Week
Feb 5-7 Concentration Training (for SCUAA Meet - c/o ISPEAR)
Feb 5, 12, 19, 26
Arts Month (c/o ISPEAR)
Feb 6 CHEFS Foundation Anniversary
Feb 8-15
Feb 12-13 CA - FFPCC Competition
Feb 12
GGP Culmination and Recognition Program (c/o UGC)
Feb 15-19 VET.MED Week
Feb 22 - March 2
USG-LSG Filing of Candidacy for Student Election
Feb 27 CHS Foundation Anniversary
Feb 29 - March 5
Final Examination for Graduating Students
March 9 USG/LSG/ASG Halalan 2015 (c/o USG/LSG/ASG)
March 11
USM Recognition Program and Gawad Parangal 2015
March 15-19 Final Examination for Non-Graduating Students
March 28
ULS Graduation Program
March 29 ULS Promotion and Recognition Program



Summer 2016





March 28 - April 4
Summer Enrollment
April 4 Summer Classes Begin
April 5
USM Jobs Fair and Phil Job-net for Graduating Students
April 7* USM Commencement Exercises
April 9
Araw ng Kagitingan (Holiday)
April - May Summer Sports Clinic (c/o ISPEAR)
May 1
Labor Day
May 16-20 Final Examination

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